Guest Blogger C. S. Boyack and a Special Guest

The raven of Doubt makes an appearance at Mae Clair’s blog today. Please visit and consider following her.

From the Pen of Mae Clair

I’ve got a treat for your today. Actually a double one. Craig Boyack of Entertaining Stories and I are doing a blog swap. Craig and a “special guest” I asked him to bring along are taking over my blog, while I’m hanging out at his. I’m talking about my experience offering a book for free on Amazon. Was it worth it? You’ll have to check my post on Entertaining Stories to find out. 🙂

Meanwhile, I’ll leave Craig and his companion to keep you entertained. The special guest he brought along is only one of the many colorful characters from Craig’s imagination that haunt his blog. I just happen to be partial to this particular character. Maybe because I can relate to how it feels when he drops in for a visit. You’ll see what I mean in a minute, so sit back and enjoy Craig’s post. . .



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3 responses to “Guest Blogger C. S. Boyack and a Special Guest

  1. Thanks so much, Craig. It was great having you and Doubt as my guests today!

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  2. I love when Doubt visits people! 😀

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