Wednesday catch up

Today is my rotating day off. I have company arriving tonight that will last through the weekend. I took advantage of a lonely morning to get a few things done.

I finally finished my upgrade of Wild Concept, and uploaded the changes to Amazon. I haven't heard back from them yet, but I'm keeping this project on the down low. It isn't a complete rewrite, more like some new makeup for Lisa. This is my first published book, and I admit that my style doesn't compare to my recent stuff. Forward is a better direction, and that's where I'm headed.

I emailed a few friends about the word count of their short stories. It sounds like I'm already in the ballpark for my book of shorts. I have a couple more things to write and it will be a complete draft. Then I have to struggle with what order to put them in, and a few peripheral projects. As part of this, I managed 2000 new words of fiction for those who like numbers.

I've guest posted quite a few places this year. I wrote one about character growth and used a silly example to make my point. (As I often do.) I kind of think it would make a fun short story. I spent hours trying to figure out where I posted it, and eventually found it. I wanted to make certain the host didn't want to claim Copyright over it. He didn't, and probably thought I was crazy. (Thank you, Charles.) I haven't committed yet, but the story of Lilly and her soup ladle might make it into the short stories.

The book of shorts has a title now. It's going to be called “The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack.” I've already approached a cover artist, and the first few glimpses are amazing.

You probably all know by now that I got another five star review on Will O' the Wisp. This is like rocket fuel for an author. Summer can be a slow time, but I'm motivated like crazy right now. It still needs more readers, and reviewers. If you run out of stars, you can have some of mine.

Go ahead and fill your pockets

I haven't looked back at The Playground draft yet. We're trying to plan our first camping trip, and I may take it for some campfire reading. My critique group is slowly seeing pieces of it, and they've been very helpful.

I've been tagged for the 777 challenge. (Thanks, John.) I'm looking forward to this one, but most of my friends have already been tagged elsewhere. I have a few ideas, and may get it published this weekend.

I've had a few guests post some fun stuff recently. I have one more pending, but she asked me to wait until closer to the end of the month. Blog tours frequently get a push when they begin, and another one as they end. With company around, I may post that over the weekend.

Speaking of guest posts, I'm looking for more. I'm willing to visit, or host. I'll even do a swap if one of you is interested. Let me know in the comments, or if we've exchanged email before, drop me a note. My lovely assistant is standing by waiting to set these up.

Guest post central

I'm open for most anything. I've even loaned out Doubt the Raven for some editing posts last year. Lisa the robot assistant appeared in some short fiction, and my Muse, Lorelei is available too. If you'd like to play with these characters, just ask. I'm willing to write them into a guest post on your site if you like.
Actually that sounds like quite a charged up morning. See what one great review does. I'm off to work on those four outlines before company gets here. Talking yaks, witch doctors, and surgically enhanced muskrats shouldn't be kept waiting.


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13 responses to “Wednesday catch up

  1. Talking yaks is such a pun! 😛
    Never keep a witch doctor waiting!

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  2. Love that collection title. Makes it feel oddly personal and low risk since it’s an experiment. I’d be happy to host a guest post. Maybe the July 4th weekend since I’ll be away and that would be a great time for an author to do a little promo work? As far as a topic . . . would you be willing to do a post where your muse talks about what it’s like to work with you? 😉 I’d be happy to write something up in return if you want.

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    • That sounds like a blast. We can take this to email so we don’t spoil it for our readers. I’d love to have you over again. I’ll think of a topic, but you can do whatever you want.


      • Thanks. I’ll see what I can come up with. Trying to get Book 11 before my son starts half days next Wednesday and is home for a week starting next Friday. The fun of being both parent and author. Wonder if there’s something there.


  3. Love the positive creative flow you’ve got going. Keep it up. It’s infectious!

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  4. I feel the energy flowing from this post. Way to go! When things settle down after my blog tours for Myth are done, would love to come up with some kind of blog swap topic with you. And I’d really love for you to bring Doubt, Lorelei and Lisa to visit my blog. They’re always so entertaining, LOL!

    Congrats on all you’ve accomplished and all you have in the wings. Let us know when new Wild Concept will be ready for purchase. I want to grab that one and give it a read!

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  5. Ooooh, The Playground will make an awesome campfire read! Where are you camping? You’re welcome to guest at my blog any time!

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