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Ali Isaac tagged me to participate in this blog hop. I am supposed to show readers where I write and talk about the process a bit. I might be different than most of the participants. This is because I write with my iPad. I have a bluetooth keyboard that makes the iPad into a mini laptop. It looks like this:

Yup, I'm advertising on the screen.

Yup, I’m advertising on the screen.

This allows me to take my work wherever I want. I really like working pre-dawn on the patio furniture out back. There’s six inches of snow outside today, and the patio furniture is all stored in the garage. This iPad is wifi only. I’m not willing to pay for another data plan. I can take it wherever I like to write, it just doesn’t backup without wifi. Based upon the weather, I am currently taking it to my recliner. image   On on the end table I have my glasses, notebook & fountain pen, coffee, and a tin of lip balm. That’s about all I need to write with. I like to make original notes in the notebook. I use it as a reference while I’m writing. The coffee is a must. I usually don’t write into the afternoon, but on the rare occurrence I switch to tea after lunch. I used to turn on a bit of classical music while writing. I am an early bird, and acquiesced to the complaints of others in the house. Now I write in complete silence.

I know some of you were hoping to see the writing cabin. That’s like Area 51, and completely off limits to anyone but me. I have dreams of taking the iPad and keyboard to the sturgeon fishing hole someday. Sometimes it takes an hour to get a bite. I never managed to get out this year, despite my best intentions. Everything is saved in real time, and will backup as soon as I reconnect to wifi.

I need to tag someone else to pass the blog hop to. I choose Rachel Carrera who has been helping me with a top secret project lately.


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15 responses to “My workspace blog hop

  1. You’re iPad with that keyboard does look like a laptop. Now I understand how you can get by without having a home office/desk.


  2. Wow…I’m so spread out and scattered when I’m writing. Seems claustrophobic to me.

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    • That handful of stuff is all I need. My outline is stored on the iPad so I can rifle back and forth. I have a dictionary and thesaurus at my fingertips. I can also open one of my “how to write stuff real good” references in Kindle.


  3. Ali Isaac

    Hey you did it! I love how you turn your ipad into a laptop with that keyboard… I wonder if it would work with a Samsung android tablet? I’m sad that we didnt get to see your writing cabin… I was hoping, but not surprised lol!

    Thank you for playing along! I really enjoyed this opportunity to get to know you a bit more!

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  4. My writing space is much more cluttered. Like my brain. And I must have coffee. At all times. I also write in silence, though I use music as inspiration when I’m not writing. It helps me visualize what I’m going to write. Then when is sit in front of my desktop, I dive into that place in your head and write what I see and feel.

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  5. Love the iPad/keyboard combo! You’re truly mobile…

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  6. Now, I wondered how the heck you actually wrote books on a iPad…. the keyboard makes a lot more sense now! LOL! I seriously pictured you tapping the screen for each and every painstaking word! Thank you for tagging me… I guess now I have no excuse not to clean my desk! LOL! It’s really cool to see where you work. Ali, too… She also had an awesome space! 🙂


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