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I’ve spent the the last two days sick. Seems like some kind of head cold. At this point, whatever I might have accomplished over the weekend could be on hold.

I feel bad, because I have plenty of tasks at the office, but just couldn’t get there.

I have a new book to read and might have to limit my activities to that. Hopefully, I’ll be fine when it’s time to return to work on Tuesday.

No telling how I’ll feel tomorrow, so I have no plan at all.

In other news, I’ve always liked cars. I typically use them to define character for those who populate my books. Long term readers will remember Clovis’s GTO, or Ray’s bagger Harley, among others. It’s always nice to have a source to pull from. This is my cars Pinterest Board https://pin.it/4TpJxxR Maybe it will inspire something you’re writing.


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