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Welp, that was embarrassing

I’ve been offline for a couple of days, with the exception of my phone. Sparklight (formerly Cable One) failed to send me a bill. Therefore, I failed to pay it.

This company will slam you into an automatic payment arrangement if you don’t watch them like a hawk. For this reason, I paid them using Billpay. It isn’t as fast as a card, and could take a few days to go all the way through. (And it’s a holiday weekend.)

We get tight toward the end of a pay period, and I don’t need someone helping themselves to a hundred bucks or so on the Thursday before payday.

After two days of this crap, my wife called ATT. We used to have the ability to hotspot using the phones, but they took it away. She added that ability to our cellular plan. (For a fee, yay!)

This is why I’m able to update this blog. I probably missed a few things in blogland, and might not get them caught up.

My big plan was to publish Grinders this weekend, but I might not get that done. I’m not taking the chance by pigtailing off of my cellular service. I’ll get to it when I have actual WiFi once again.

I have a couple of books on my iPad, so I did some much needed reading. With my hotspot, I may try doing some writing. At least anything I produce will be backed up now.

Short and sweet. That’s the kind of weekend I’m having. I can also participate in comments without having to use my phone. Feel free to complaint about internet service providers or your cellular plan. I did.


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