Next adventure

I’m writing this on a Thursday night. This is because I have to drive to Nevada after work tomorrow. I don’t want to be dark, because I’ve been moderately successful maintaining a Friday post.

I woke up this morning from a reasonable dream. I could actually hear the voices as a strange caller dialed in to Night Bump Radio. This one needs some time in the fermenter, but it should make a fun bit for a future Hat tale. I need to make it more absurd, then find a way to blame Lizzie and the hat for all of it, but it’s a glimmer of something. Lorelei, the Muse hasn’t completely abandoned me this Spring.

Nevada should be my last road trip for a few months. While I still have other things going on, this might allow me to get back to my works in progress. I’m seriously debating driving tomorrow in silence. That usually temps Lorelei to ride along.

My last promotional post went live Thursday morning. I don’t know how much more I can put out there without spoiling things for those who are interested. It’s been fun chatting with all of you about the new book, and I am moved by all the sharing and reblogging that you have done.

It’s time for Once Upon a Time in the West to stand on its own now. I don’t have any extra cash to put into promotion, but might mange something later this year for it. I could do a Fussy Librarian thing in a few months. We’ll see.

I am thrilled with all the reviews. It seems like those who took a chance have really enjoyed Mari’s story. It’s time to remind everyone that the cover in my sidebar is an active link. If you still need a copy, please click that cover. (Works on computers and iPads. If you’re on your phone it might look different.)

I will have a chance to check in on Saturday, so drop me a line or two. Mom and I will just be chatting, but it’s pretty simple to check on comments.



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30 responses to “Next adventure

  1. Have a good trip and visit with your mom, Craig. Hope the muse throws lots of good stuff your way! 💕🙂

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  2. Have a safe trip. Hope you get some writing time after all this.

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  3. Safe travels. Enjoy the time with your mom.

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  4. Drive safely Craig… enjoy your time with your mom.

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  5. Enjoy the drive and your mom. Glad you get to see her, and hope Loralei’s tempted by the quiet.

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  6. I love dreams that awaken the creative urges! Safe travels. Enjoy your visit and congrats on the launch of Mari’s story! I think everyone is loving it.

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  7. Drive safely, my friend, and enjoy your mama! (Has she read this yet?) If you see a shadowy figure along side the road, my bet is it’s Lorelei. ❤

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  8. Safe travels and enjoy your visit!

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  9. Safe travels, Craig! I bet the roads in Nevada are long and dull but perfect for the muse to conjure up new ideas.

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  10. Safe travels, Craig. Enjoy the time with your mom.

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  11. Safe travels, Craig! Hope Lorelai brings lots of ideas! Enjoy your time with Mom!

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  12. Good luck on your business trip, and I hope Lorelei decides to ride along for most of it!

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  14. Hi Craig, it is wonderful when you get a glimmer of an idea. I hope your time away was fruitful for you.

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