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My Castaway Journal #2

The natives invited me to some kind of party. Apparently it is my mother’s 80th birthday.

Visited my brother who showed me his home brewery. He bought some small commercial components from a local bar that closed. We sampled his brown ale and it was very good.

Beer and pizza seems to be the order of the day for this party. Lots of presents were involved and cake was served for dessert.

Sat with Mom’s older brother and his son who is approximately my age. I haven’t seen my uncle in about 20 years, or my cousin in about ten.

Local ritual seems to dictate everyone compares the size of the bucks they harvested this year. This led to talking about guns and ammunition.

Many beer’s later and my elderly uncle showed everyone his medical marijuana card. This seemed to impress the natives.

WiFi is still non functional. I’ll keep this short, because typing on my phone is a pain in the butt. I wanted to write or blog a few things. This weekend is a bust on that front.

I will get rescued tomorrow. All I have to do is drive home through a blizzard.


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My castaway journal #1

Woke up yesterday and spent some time on social media.

Filled up my truck and headed for Nevada around 9:00. We had some snow and I wanted to give the high desert time to melt.

Roads clear. Snow blindness was more the order of the day.

I’m in Nevada at my parents’ house. They have WiFi, but cannot find the password. My iPad is a useless brick now.

Limited to my phone on the cell network. I can no longer pigtail my iPad in. ATT wants me to upgrade. This is a new situation.

Watching a stock market ticker tape on television. I have no idea why. Mom rescued me and found the Olympics. Olympics seem to be agreeable to the natives.

Missing all your blogs. Too hard to read and interact on my phone.

I must go. The natives are calling me.


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It’s…the mall

I get it. I grew up in the same small town my parents still live in. When you get to a real town, you need to go shopping.

We, on the other hand, can go to the mall anytime we choose. (And frequently do.) The difference being that my mother has to look in each store to see what's new. We tend to hit and run, only going to the one store we need.

I followed the girls into Dillard's and kept walking. Old Chicago pizza was busy, and the only chair available was in a group setting on tall hard stools. These stools don't have any back either. I'm a short guy, and they kill my back.

Still, I'm a trooper, I downed three really good craft beers. I'm entitled to one more every time I stop off on the World Beer tour. My back told me it was time to check on the girls.

I met my daughter, dragging my grandson my way. (Not her child, for clarity's sake.) Apparently, my daughter-in-law decided to show up to do a bit of school shopping. My daughter said, “Grandson has been saying he's hungry for an hour.” They wanted to go to Old Chicago so he could get something to eat.

I'm a sport, and offered to buy them lunch. Everyone else showed up before our order arrived. I only had another beer, but was pretty happy that shopping appeared to be over. Silly old man.

I got to see everyone's new haircuts, and that was fun. The little ones decided to cut each other's hair. My daughter had to clean up the mess, and she did a good job. The oldest, and third one, got highlights out of the deal, and my daughter did a good job on those too.

After everyone ate, we had another hour of mall cruising ahead of us. Ultimately, we decided to grab takeout food before calling it a day.

On the writing front, I never accomplished one damned thing. Tomorrow, we have to haul the camper over and start getting it ready.

I may get a few things done on Monday or Tuesday. We had a nice visit, and sometimes that's more important.

I hope everyone out there is having a good weekend.


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The return of company

My parents are in town this weekend. I had to choose between a day of shopping with my wife and mother, and this time my daughter – or visiting with my dad. It isn't too bad shopping. There are breweries along the route.

I have to choose, because Dad can't walk walk around these days. He stays home and watches TV. Today, I hung out with Dad and we had a great visit. We covered all the problems in the world, and all the people we both know. It was kind of nice. We never even turned on the TV.

When the shoppers came home we went to the Yardhouse for dinner. I had three wonderful beers along with my fish tacos. Not a bad day at all.

They'll go home tomorrow, and I need to do some writing work. I managed to send off an email to a company that sets up blog tours. Will O' the Wisp is coming soon, and I want to give it a good launch. I haven't heard from all of the ARC readers, but those who've finished are excited about this book. I may have to send an email to the rest of the ARC readers to get an update.

I also need to write a dozen or so blog posts about the book. I'd like to do this ahead of time so the blog tour goes smoothly. Finally, I need to write the international version of the book. This involves an edit to change some song lyrics. I was only able to obtain a Copyright license in North America. It shouldn't be too hard, but this story will come out in two versions.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's time to get on with it. I think this is the best book I've ever written, and it deserves a good launch. I'll get some early reviews from the ARC readers, and after that it's up to the Fates.

In other news, I've hacked out two Macabre Macaroni style micro fiction stories, and half of an actual short story. I'm getting closer to the solution I've been struggling with in my novel, but I need to consult with my Muse a bit more.

That's it tonight. Kind of a day off today, but I'll attack some of it tomorrow.


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