Not a bad day at all

As the work week ended, I knew I had a bachelor weekend ahead of me. This is usually when I can really move the chains on this author career, but I kind of squandered that.

After finishing the biggest edits, I’m down to reading each story without the interruptions of the other two so I can see if there are any glaring plot holes or tedious parts. I’d like to let everything rest for a while before I take that project on.

That leaves me with the concept of drafting new material. I have a complete Lizzie and the hat story ready to draft, but I have one ready to publish, too. No rush there.

My main focus is the second volume in the SF trilogy. All I have for that so far is the heroes must venture into unclaimed space to find someone who seems to know far too much about the enemies that started a galactic war.

This isn’t always a deal killer for me, because I tend to write about a third of my stories without a complete storyboard. It’s easier when I already know the characters well, and I have one volume all slicked up already.

I need to keep the tradition of a second book of the trilogy in mind. Plans fail, the bottom falls out, small disasters accompany that, so everyone can regroup for book three. This one also has a decent romance side story, and I can do the same thing with it… to prepare for a reconciliation in book three. Something like that.

What to do? What to do?

I bagged the whole thing and read a novel this morning. Spare time is a premium around here, and any reading will cut into my writing time. It’s a fact of life, but sometimes I just need that break and yet it still feels productive.

I’m going to dwell on my SF plot a bit longer. This second volume seems like it needs a smaller issue for my characters to focus upon inside the margins of the galactic war. My heroes can’t be everywhere at once, so something in their face that can also reflect the larger conflict.

I have no lack of ideas for The Hat Series, and don’t need to wrack my brain there. I also have two solo tales that could use some TLC. Nothing helps that process like a day in the National Forest, but a good book is pretty close.

I might even read another one tomorrow, rebel that I am.



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31 responses to “Not a bad day at all

  1. I treasure days when I can put everything aside and read! Enjoy, Craig!

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  2. Sounds like a pretty rich day.

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  3. Sounds like a good day, Craig.

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  4. As long as you can relax, it sounds like a good day.

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  5. Gwen M. Plano

    Your day sounds amazing — some writing, a bit of editing, and then relaxing with a novel. How perfect! Hope tomorrow is great as well!

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  6. Victoria Zigler

    Awesome job on getting the round of edits done. And I loved your way of making sure you didn’t get in to the story too much, by the way. I think you earned some time to just read and take a break from the author side of things for a day – or even the rest of the weekend.

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  7. I find myself much refreshed after a day of “something else”. Everybody needs a break, even from creativity!

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  8. I love days when I can just read. A day in a national forest is a great idea as well.

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  9. Reading is a really important part of writing. You can get ideas for what you might want to try in your own work. And you can see what definitely wouldn’t work for you.

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  10. Sometimes you just need a break from writing and writing-related work even on a weekend. I spent yesterday focused on editing, today it’s all about relaxing. I’ve already watched the Great American Rescue Bowl and the Puppy Bowl is coming up soon. In between that, I’ll dive into the pages of a good book!

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  11. Sometimes you’re brain needs a break. Nothing wrong with refilling the creative well.

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  12. Hope you enjoyed the book! Glad you took a day off to just recharge your batter.

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  13. Hi Craig, I must admit that I read every day. It comes before writing for me.

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  14. I don’t know how you do it! Sounds like a fun, productive way to live.

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