A Quick Update

I haven’t posted here a ton this month, because of the ongoing blog tour. There’s a bunch of original content, it’s just hosted elsewhere. There have been a ton of good remarks along the route and I’ve had a great time.

There’s only one tour stop left, on Halloween. I also have the Story Empire post that day. Somehow, between two posts and working, I might have to catch up all those comments after I get home.

Not a lot happening beyond that. I ate Asian pears until they started getting mushy. Those on the tree now might not get harvested at all.

Frankie has a new bulldog game that’s kind of annoying. She sleeps with us, so we have a set of stairs for her to go up and down. She navigates these with ease.

She’s surprisingly agile, so she can also jump up with ease. For some reason, at bedtime, she whines and plays this game where she just can’t make it up there. Most nights I get up, then she jumps in with no problem.

Last night the game changed. I put my arms around her, then tossed her on the mattress. This led to wiggles and general silliness. However, it didn’t end so well for me.

Something popped between my spine and shoulder blade. I spent the night in pain, and most of the morning I could barely lift my left arm. Meds and heat are helping, but it makes for a sucky day off.

I still haven’t looked at my current writing projects, opting to read instead. That’s easy enough for my weird shoulder thing to handle.

It all sounds kind of boring, but that’s how it’s been. If you’re following the tour, thank you. If you picked up a copy of Midnight Rambler, thank you even more.

Hope to see you all again on Monday at one site or the other.



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32 responses to “A Quick Update

  1. Busy! Too bad about your shoulder. Stuff happens, I guess. Take care of it best you can.

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  2. Hope you recover quickly. Kids and dogs are murder on the joints.

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  3. I hope you feel better after a good night’s sleep.

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  4. Hugs. Hope you feel better. I’ve got something going on with my legs, possibly back, right now.

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  5. Hope you feel better soon! The things we do for our pets.

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  6. Good luck with the popped muscle and enjoy your reading time.

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  7. Touring is time-consuming! But your tour posts have been fun. Glad to hear that the back is feeling a little better. 😀

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  8. Take care of that injury, Craig. You are such a good pet parent. Use the downtime to relax, enjoy a good book, and some TV. You deserve a break after the blog tour anyway—although I know you were hoping for a less painful one. Hope you are on the mend soon!

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  9. Hope you’re feeling much better by now, Craig. I look forward to both posts tomorrow. The Midnight Rambler tour has been fun!

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  11. Hope the meds, heat, and rest help, Craig. No more of that game!

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  12. Hope the arm feels better soon. Us pet parents do anything for our furry friends.

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  13. Hi Craig, I read the comment above and see your arm has healed. I’m glad to hear it. My mom did something similar to her shoulder and ended up needing surgery.

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  14. Victoria Zigler

    Hope the shoulder thing is better by now.

    I’ve been following the tour and sharing the posts around, even though I haven’t been commenting.

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