A Very Short Update

Old What’s Her Face is off this weekend. Even though the holiday gave me a three day weekend, I don’t see myself getting much writing done.

I did send out a critique section and already received some of the feedback.

A portion of my day was spent writing out my 2021 business plan. Today was a day for Happy New Year posts, and I didn’t want it to get lost in a sea of those. Although, a Saturday post probably won’t perform all that well either. The plan is usually one of my more popular posts of the year, so we’ll see.

Old What’s Her Face turned on a show called His Dark Materials early this morning, and the episodes have been on all day long. They’re still on as I type this out. Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed with The Golden Compass, and it’s a deeper dive into those stories.

Even though I’m not into it particularly, it’s also distracting. I’ll probably start another storyboard for a future Hat story after I post this. I have a reasonable idea and some cool concepts. That’s where they all start, and maybe it will develop before time to write it.

Hope all of you started your new year on a positive note.


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22 responses to “A Very Short Update

  1. I love ‘His Dark Materials’. Unfortunately, the movie made years ago did a really rough job on the source material. I thought it was good until I read the trilogy and realized how much it didn’t really work. The HBO series is closer to the novels, which is why I like them more. I think season 2 just ended on Monday too.

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  2. D.L. Finn, Author

    I’ve never seen or read “His Dark Materials.” I hope you get some good storyboard work done!

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  3. I have managed to process the last few changes from my publisher for A Ghost and His Gold, Craig. I just want this book published now and out of my hair. I’m feeling pleased about that. Well done on your new story board.

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  4. Feeling very positive at this end too, Craig. Just hope it develops into something wonderful as we could all do with some of that!

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  5. Gwen M. Plano

    I’m not familiar with His Dark Materials, but it sounds like it could describe our day — dark and wet snow falling. It’s been a sleepy day overall, restful and quiet. Just what I needed to welcome the New Year! A happy one to you, Craig.

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  6. The kids came to stay with us all weekend, so no writing here. Ty and his wife left early this afternoon, and our daughter had to work 3 p.m. to 3 a.m., so now Nate’s taken over the living room, watching some noisy movie, so I’m playing catch-up on my computer until he’s done. Glad you have the ideas to start a new Hat. You’ll have plenty of time to build your story board before you start work on it.

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  7. I’ve seen the previews for His Dark Materials. Looks kinda interesting, but also maybe a bit ‘try hard’?? Shrug. Might give it a try.
    I’ve released my own 2021 ‘business plan’ (of sorts) today. It’s nice to have goals and plans. This is going to be a productive year, I decree.

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  8. No goals, no plans for me. My hope is that 2021 is better than 2020.

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  9. Loving this background ❤
    I didn't love The Golden Compass so I dunno that I'd dig the other thing either.
    We had a lovely NYE and NYD and a lovely two days after. I like it when the house is clean and the laundry's done and it's ONLY Friday. Nice for me!
    Best wishes for this year, Craig.

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