Did it anyway…

Today, I started off calling my parents, like any other Sunday. They’re planning to visit in a couple of weeks, and that should be fun.

After that, I had decisions to make. I could start another complete reread of Lanternfish. I could read some fiction I’m sorely behind on. I could read a craft book I’ve been chipping away at.

I decided to work on my new WIP instead. I find editing to be mind numbing. It has to be done, but not as a kind of death march. It just needs to be finished before publication. I’m still about a month and a half out from having all my promotional artwork.

The first thing I did was to delete 1000 to 1500 words I already had written. Then I added 3500 new words. Beginnings are tough, and there are some boxes I need to check off. I’m much happier with this version. All the characters have been introduced, and both the big picture and a secondary problem are on the table.

Oddly enough for me, this is where I’m going to start my outline. This isn’t how I typically do things, but it feels right in this case. With everything I have going on during October, I may not add new words for several weeks. I have some work related travel, the visit from my parents, and more going on. I’m okay with that. It’s a workable starting point, and a bit of daydreaming time will improve the final product.

A bit of theory is that editing can fill in the corners I’m left with. I’m also good at reading on airplanes. My storyboard app goes everywhere I do, so I can add index cards or sticky notes as things occur to me.

I mentioned last night that I built a storyboard for a subsequent project. I really like having even partial storyboards prepared ahead of time. It cuts down on that problem of wondering what I’ll write next.

Baseball ended without a whimper today. My team really stunk up the second half, and gets to watch the playoffs from a beach somewhere. I’m watching some football right now, and hope they deliver a better season than my baseball team did.


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25 responses to “Did it anyway…

  1. Hard work. Sorry about your baseball team. Steeler football is iffy so don’t look for any enjoyment there.

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  2. How easy is it to go back into a project after leaving it alone for a few weeks? Do you do anything to get back into the rhythm?

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  3. I wish my parents were coming to visit soon. Like this week. This week would be great.
    I hope football went better for your teams.
    I’m glad you worked on the new, it’s good to utilize that momentum 🙂

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  4. So much to do and limited time, Craig. I think you made the right choice. You have to be in the mood to edit.

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  5. harmonykent

    I find it difficult going back to a new project after leaving it for a while, but then your planning is better than mine, lol. I’m with you on the editing phase…not my fave. Best of luck with it all this month,Craig 🙂

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  6. That’s the great thing about being head cook and bottle washer, you get to choose what you do all the time! (I wouldn’t have it any other way!)

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  7. I told you my Steeler jammies were bad luck. Sigh.

    You’ve been busy, Craig. Seems you have some awesome stuff coming out in the not-so-distant future. Looking forward to it.

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