Fallout from the Muse

I slept in a bit today. When I woke up my head was filled with ideas. After playing ball with the bulldogs, I hacked out a story about two people who hate each other. Think liberal vs conservative level hatred. Everything about them is diametrically opposed. There is a paranormal element to it, because I intend it to be one of the Macabre Macaroni stories for my blog in October.

It was much longer as I conceived it, and looked like it might have to be one of those “Tune in next week for the dramatic conclusion” stories. The challenge is to bring them in at blog length, so I started paring it down.

It’s a bit long at 1200 words, but I like it. When October rolls around, I hope you will too.

My mind is full of other things like vignettes of one kind or another. My stories always begin with a character, but they soon move on to the vignette stage. This isn’t a story by any stretch, but it’s nice to have a head full of things to mull over.

These don’t necessarily fit the October blog theme, and some of them deserve a longer format after I figure them all out.

I also started reading a craft book. I have a novel set up on my phone, and can dedicate lunch breaks to it starting tomorrow.

My weekend labors are at an end, but I’m content. It never really ends, but I moved some projects ahead. I have four days next weekend too.

I’ll have to start actual editing then. I’ve ignored Lanternfish for the proper amount of time, and need to dig in.

I still need one more blog length piece, but the visit from the Muse was invigorating. I’m sure something will come to me before the last week of October.


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16 responses to “Fallout from the Muse

  1. Sounds like you’ve been productive. Congratulations.

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  2. Sounds like a lot of productivity out of one muse session. Nice going.

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  3. Hi, hip, and all that! I love it when ideas flood to me. Have fun with them! Sounds like a great four-day weekend.

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  4. Great to hear you were able to be so productive. Yeah, I’m sure you’ll figure out that final story in time… You still have a few weeks yet.

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  5. Sounds like you have it all together. Wish I could say as much. I like the dedication to reading during lunch. That’s an idea I’m going to try.

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  6. You’ve got plenty of time to make that last story. You must be feeling good that you have Macabre Macaroni all but complete!

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  7. Good! I hope you get somethin from the muse quick — even still, you’re the most productive writer I read!

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  8. Sometimes, it is as if a cloud lifts and the sun breaks through. 🙂 So cool to have ideas floating around. I know you’ll put them all to good use.

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