Riding the wave

Life seems to come in waves. If you’re on a roll with a project, it seems to build it’s own momentum. Projects at the office seem to go that way too. When things go wrong, they seem to keep going wrong.

I’ve completely given up on my WIP for now. This is the pirate story, and I’m desperate to get back to it. Even the determination to set it aside makes me feel better. It’s one less thing I have to worry about.

I have company this weekend, and that comes with it’s own challenges. I elected to stay home with Dad while my wife and mother went to town. I don’t need anything from town anyway.

Dad and I talked a bunch yesterday, but today he wants to stare at the Golf Channel. I took the opportunity to work on things that don’t require deep thought.

One of those things is The Yak Guy Project. I wrote two more advance blog posts. Since I know this story so well, I don’t have to work in total silence. Putting together a unique promo post isn’t that hard.

I also sent Yak Guy to my formatter. I’ve convinced myself that summer releases suck, at least in my genres. May isn’t quite summer though, is it?

The dogs woke me up early this morning. I took advantage to write up one shtick for Lisa Burton Radio and got it sent to the author. It wasn’t two or three, but even one is forward progress.

Honestly, I never expected to get this much done, so it’s kind of a bonus.

In other news, it looks like we need a new battery for my wife’s car. That’s not a huge deal, but it’s about par for the course lately.

This is a wave, and I’ll ride it out. There will be another wave, and hopefully it has a pirate ship and a few monsters on it.

I feel good about moving Yak Guy forward. This means two releases in 2018, and that isn’t bad. I don’t feel the need to complete my current project for a 2018 release. It could happen come winter, but if it happens in 2019 that’s fine too.

On a fun note, when my daughter got a cat, I was worried about Frankie wanting to kill him. She has a different attitude about such things. There was some careful monitoring of their relationship along the way.

These days, Frankie and Jackson the cat are best buds. Good enough to eat from the same dish.

Frankie has more of an underslung jaw than Otto. She tends to flick kibble out of her bowl when she eats. Jackson likes to bat them around the floor before eating them himself.



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32 responses to “Riding the wave

  1. The picture of Frankie and Jackson sharing food is precious. Hope your week is terrific

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  2. Sorry about the pirate story. As far as your thoughts on May not being summer, you’re right. In fact, one could say you’re releasing the book right before people start hunting for vacation reads. I say smart timing.

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  3. Life in waves is a good way to describe the ups and downs and rhythms. I like your rhythms here, Craig, you and your parents, wife, daughter, the pets, and the ongoing life of a writer. Nice post.

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  4. Do D/Backs have a shot in the west? (Even if you don’t care! :-))

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  5. The waves have been bashing me this week. I wonder if there’s ever enough time in the world for things. You do the best you can.

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  6. Awww. How could I not melt with that great photo of Jackson and Frankie? So cool thinking they’re the best of buds.
    I’m looking forward to seeing Yak Guy see the light of day. Of your full-length stuff, that one really resonates with me.

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  7. You are right…ride the wave!

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  8. I love the names you give your projects; yak guy project. 🤗
    Keep surfing.

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  9. Frankie and Jackson – BFFs.

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  10. Some things just need to be put off at times. You’ve always got a full plate, but there’s only so much room for those side bowls, mister. Good call on working through golf.
    I’m delighted to see the cat and dog sharing kibble, even if it’s only castaway kibble!

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  11. It seems that most people who watch the golf channel are your father’s age, but the advertisements seem to blare loud rock music, not exactly targeting the right demographic.

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  12. Your cat and dog make a cute pair, Craig. My new book project is taking much longer than expected. I am taking two weeks leave from work starting next week and I am going to finish it off. It is better to take longer and be happy with the final product I think.

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