Goofing off, kind of

I never received back any of the final interviews this weekend. That means I didn’t schedule any new ones. I sent one out, but I’m three weeks ahead. There is no need to panic… yet. Sometimes authors drag their feet, and I understand. I’m pretty sure they will come in and get me through the month of June.

I didn’t do squat today. I watched Spider-Man Homecoming, because I hadn’t seen that one. I liked the message that Stark technology didn’t make Spider-Man. He had to be Spider-Man first. (No idea why Apple is forcing the hyphen in there, but don’t care enough to change it.)

Yesterday, while Dad and I were hanging out, I started some sourdough raising.

Today, Old What’s Her Face made some beans and meat. Dinner was a team affair, and it was awesome.

Homemade sourdough scones…

…led to homemade Indian Tacos.

They were stellar. There are a few scones left over to have one for breakfast, maybe with some honey butter. (Before anyone asks, these are American Indian tacos. Most county fairs out west have these.)

Back to work tomorrow, hope all of you enjoyed your weekends.


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27 responses to “Goofing off, kind of

  1. The scones look good. What hyphen?

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  2. Goofing off is a good thing. Those scones looked killer.

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  3. Oh, those scones! I’d give up chocolate before bread so those look like gold to me. Yum!

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  4. I need to try those American Indian tacos someday! They look delicious!

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  5. Damn. Now you’ve made me hungry. And kinda keen to watch Spider-Man…

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  6. Ooh, now I’m starving and you know there’s nowhere around here servin up Indian tacos! *slobbers* I’ll have to see what I can get into!

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  7. Food always catches my eye:) A sad thing, but I’m one of those people who talk about what I’ll eat at my next meal while I’m eating my current one. Glad you had a goof-off weekend and wonderful scones and tacos. Relaxing rejuvenates you!

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  8. The first time I had an Indian Taco was at a PowWow in Denver. Delicious! Yours look yummy!

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  9. The scones look delicious. Goofing off once in a while is good for the soul.

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  10. Sounds like a pretty nice day, Craig.

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  11. Glad you found some time for some goofing off between projects. You need that sometimes.

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