Writing hazards

I don’t play golf, but I know they have hazards on the course. There are sand traps and water hazards that can mess with your game. My writing days are full of hazards too.

The main one is my daughter. She likes to talk — a lot. She talks for hours about her job to the point where I feel like I was there with her on her shift. Today, she has a new topic though. Enter Jackson.

We’ve never owned a cat. In her entire life there has never been a cat. We’re dog people. They aren’t foreign to me, my mom had cats at various times. It’s something new to my daughter, and she’s really excited about it. I refuse to stop her chatter, and try to be a good dad. Things change and young adults have been known to move halfway across the country on short notice. We spent a lot of time letting the animals get used to each other.

My big concern is dogs and cats together. They get supervised time together and are doing really well with the situation. Otto wants to sniff him, but that’s about where his interest ends. Frankie is the one to watch. Jackson likes to sneak up on her and bonk her on the head.

I’m still being diligent, because Kipling taught me The Female of the Species is more Deadly than the Male. This certainly seems to hold true with my dogs. Otto is a big hugger and lover of all things. Frankie is psycho and I don’t completely trust her around Jackson.

After my daughter goes to work, and Jackson goes to her room, I get a chance to write new words. There is still the bulldog hazard, but I’ve gotten pretty good at writing around it.

This one is Frankie, and I can get an arm around her and still type. I can’t quite reach around Otto in the same fashion.

Still, all progress is good. I wound up with around 2500 new words on the day. Skulls were bashed, shackles were fitted, and the big abduction happened. Aside from this, an ugly fish bit one of the supporting characters. My next move will be to define the stakes for the characters, imprison the love interest, and force the men into a task they don’t want and are ill equipped for.

Unfortunately, my own servitude is calling. Tomorrow begins the work week for me, so it will be Saturday at minimum before I can write again.

In other news, I got three more nice reviews for The Hat over the weekend. People seem to really be enjoying it, and that’s like rocket fuel to my writer brain. I haven’t sold a copy in days, but there is lag time between purchases and reviews. Reviews can lead to sales, so I hope it keeps up a bit of momentum.


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38 responses to “Writing hazards

  1. Glad you got some writing in today. The kitten is so cute,

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  2. Congrats on the word count. And welcome, Jackson! He looks like our Tucker. 🙂

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  3. Cute kitty. Wife and mom are allergic, so I’ve never had much interaction with cats. Sounds like he’s having fun and making an impact. Good to hear Frankie is doing better too.

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  4. Half of our family have dogs, the other half cats. We are often enlisted to babysit dogs, something our cat will not tolerate. We have a siege situation until the dogs go home! Pleased about those reviews!

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  5. Welcome, Jackson!

    Dogs and cats can get along well together. They don’t always, but they can. At one point, I had dogs, cats, hamsters, and a house rabbit in the same house, and nobody got eaten or injured. I won’t pretend they all lived in perfect harmony, but no vet trips were required, and the cats and dogs would sometimes be found sleeping together, so they obviously didn’t hate each other. I even have a photo of my dog – a breed bred for hunting rodents, mind you – on the bed with one of the hamsters within reach of his nose, but doing nothing about it.

    Introducing them to the other species when young tends to help. Frankie and Jackson being so young together may actually encourage them to eventually become good friends. I’ve seen it happen. If they don’t, they’ll at least come to some sort of understanding as to what the other will tolerate.

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  6. Jackson is adorable – look at that face! Thanks for the pic, Craig.

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  7. Jackson looks like a sweetie. I’m sure they’ll all become great friends.

    Congrats on the word count.

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  8. Congrats on The Hat – I loved it as you know! 😀
    I think you do well to keep an eye on Frankie and the kitty for now. 2 hyperactive youngsters aren’t a great mix, but I guess most kittens have great reflexes and can get out of harm’s way most times if there’s a flare-up. If she’s fairly tolerant with him at this age then things should settle down into an entente cordiale as he matures. 😉

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  9. We’ve been letting a really affectionate stray cat sleep in our garage this winter. We set up a nest with a bed and blankets, and feed her as well. She brought me a dead mouse as a present the other day. There’s no way she’ll be let into the house, though. Our little dog goes into a psychotic rage at the sight of her.

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  10. Jackson is adorable!!! Thank you for posting a photo. He looks like a cat named Charlie Brown, I had when I was a kid. I grew up in a household with two cats and a dog and they were all buds. Frankie has clearly marked you as hers though and females get jealous easily. She might not like the idea of another critter there, but she will adjust. Animals have it down better than most people.

    And congrats on the word count and the reviews!

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  11. Jackson is adorable!!! Cats and dogs work through their issues on their own. In time, I’m sure Frankie will come to love Jackson.

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  12. Oh he’s adorable!
    I know what you mean about cat/dog people. I’ve had both and love both, but I am definitely a cat person. Always have had a cat.
    I have a friend who is definitely a dog person, and in a moment of despair, she took in an elderly feline rescue. She insisted she couldn’t understand the cat, and would call me all the time about its behavior. All in all, she did a good thing, saw the kitty through the sad end, and she remains a dog person.
    I need this weekend so badly, I hope it’s as restful as I intend, and if you want yours to be productive, I hope that for you 🙂

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  13. Aww! writing hazards are made even more hazardous when they are as cute as that! Good luck writing around them!


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