Some success

Yesterday I tackled the Lisa Burton interviews. I have twenty-five applicants, but only nine who've delivered the questionnaire answers. (Oops, ten now.) I worked up six shticks and sent them out. This took me six hours. I'd like to have completed them all up to the minute, but I have to face some facts.

Six hours is an effort on my days off. It will take me twenty-five weeks to post them all, so I'm ahead of the game. I hope nobody gets disappointed, but I can only do so much. It adds up to a considerable word count too.

I used part of today to work my time travel story up to 2500 words. This one is taking me way too long, and I'm feeling some pressure. Truth is, I never intended to write a time travel story. I like a challenge, so we'll see how it comes out. Writing to a theme and a target is kind of new, but fun. My MO is to get it done with enough time to make requested changes. I may only have a week of padding, but it will be enough.

I got the final Lisa poster for The Yak Guy Project, then did something crazy. I thought it might be cool to have a Lisa poster to promote the anthology with. The other authors can do what they want, but I'm going to have some artwork to promote with.

My time travel story spent a couple of months in the daydreaming phase as a Western. It didn't come out that way, and I hope it intrigues a few readers. Sorry, no cowgirl Lisa, at least for now. You might like what I changed it to.

This story is taking some serious research too. I'll bend some facts, but I want to have the rest of the details right so my changes don't stand out. Things like train times, actual hotels, and more help sell the twists.

While I was at it, I decided to order enough art to get me through the end of the year. These will be mostly for holidays wishes, but one is for my Macabre Macaroni short stories. (God, I still have to write those too.) The deadlines are spread way out, so Sean can take his time.

We had a quick date night last night, since my wife won't be here. Just a quick dinner and a beer. I had scallops with squid ink pasta… in Idaho, just imagine. It was wonderful too.

My wife headed for Nevada this morning, but not so early as to allow me to get some major work done. I dabbled and had some moderate success. I got a proof back from the formatter for The Enhanced League, and there are a few minor adjustments to make.

For the rest of this vacation, I would like to finish my short story, write three more promotional pieces for The Enhanced League, and schedule next week's Lisa Burton Radio. I might chuck some of it and publish The Enhanced League instead. No, it isn't too much, I might be able to do it all with a little bit of luck.

I don't think I'll add any more than that. The interview is all done and awaiting a link. I have ideas for the promo stuff, and I'm 2500 words shy of a short story draft. Two days is a nice pace without killing myself over it. If Enhanced League gets out next weekend, that's fine too.


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39 responses to “Some success

  1. So productive, I’m not sure you’re actually doing the vacation thing. I’m impressed, of course. I’m also impressed by scallops in squid ink pasta — and not just cause Idaho.
    I hope you can keep your momentum — but stop to snuggle the puppies!

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  2. Sorry. I still owe you a Lisa post. I plan to get to it over the holiday since I’ll have some free hours. Good luck on your goals! Glad to hear you got so many applicants!

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  3. Looks like everything is humming.

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  4. Impressive progress. Sorry about the interview problem. Hope you can get a lot done on the weekend.

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  5. Sounds like a very busy and productive day.

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  6. There’s no keeping up with you, is there? But you make me want to try, and that’s a good thing!

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  7. Your output is pretty amazing, Craig – I’m impressed! And I’m happy to help with any promo you need doing, just let me know πŸ™‚

    Funny about your time travel story – I think sometimes ideas come to us out of the blue and we just have to write them, even though we never meant to. I’m getting to the end of the first draft of a vampire novel – never thought I’d write one of those, either!

    Hope you have a great rest of your vacation πŸ™‚

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  8. Those of us with day jobs that support our writing habit can empathize with your struggle.

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  9. That’s awesome, good for you!

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  10. I so looking forward to your Time travel story

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  11. You’re making progress. Congrats! And I love scallops. And pasta. But I’ve never tried squid ink pasta yet–always chicken out. You’re a brave man.

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  12. Your time travel story has my attention. πŸ™‚ I love time travel and I can see where it presents writing challenges. Sounds like another productive day.

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  13. Sounds like a very productive day!

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  14. Wow, Craig, sounds like you got loads done. Very productive but not much rest but maybe, you like me, like to relax by writing.

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  16. Wow – Lisa had a great response! You’re busy as usual, Craig.


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