Handicapping the coming weekend

It's been a long week at the paycheck job. I had two standup presentations this week, each with original material that I had to prepare, then rounded out my week by conducting job interviews. It's cool, because it makes the week go by, but it's tiring too.

My daughter and Old What's Her Face* are in Minneapolis tonight. My daughter is using her flight benefit for the first time, and they are spending a couple of days together at the Mall of America.

This leaves Otto and I to our own devices. He's in my lap as I type this, enjoying what we call poodle time. (He's actually a bulldog who acts like a poodle.) To make a complete confession, I think I'm coming down with something too.

In this corner is Craig, with a looming cold, a bulldog puppy that deserves a bit of attention, and a serious concern about his credit limit. The challenger is a tag team of unfinished manuscripts. One novel called The Yak Guy Project, and a collection of short stories called The Enhanced League.

The starting bell is tomorrow about dawn. Can Craig finish one of these manuscripts and still keep Otto entertained? Will Craig's wife and daughter spend more money than they should? Will some sort of illness get the better of Craig, causing him to use tissues and watch old Twilight Zone episodes when he should be writing? Is whiskey really “Good for what ails you?” Will Craig shower first, or just dive right into his writing? Will Craig succumb to the call of blog posts he needs to be writing in advance? Does typing on a moving keyboard during poodle time cause carpal tunnel?

Tune in tomorrow night to find out the answer to these questions and more.

*Entertaining Stories, protecting my wife's personal data since 2013.


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33 responses to “Handicapping the coming weekend

  1. Very much looking forward to the update. You have made me very curious as to how this battle will unfold. I was sick most of the week and it sucks. Hope the cold doesn’t kick in! Stay healty.

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  2. Witty Craig 🙂
    I vote for hot toddies, yes on the whiskey, never doubt the whiskey.
    I hope they don’t spend too much, too, but with enough whiskey, it’ll take some time to care 😉
    And more Otto cuddles. It’s good to hug warm things when you’re poorly.

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  3. it will be interesting to see what unfolds, but I think Otto will be a good part of it!

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  4. Feel better, Craig. Lots of nasty stuff is going around.

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  5. I hope your cold doesn’t get too bad, and goes away quickly, and that you can find some kind of balance between resting, entertaining the dog, and getting things done.

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  6. carmens007

    Selfish Lisa who surely accompanied the family ladies to town, leaving poor
    Otto to take care of his master and his drinks, and protect his face with a mask not to catch the cold/flu.

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  7. Hope you feel better, Craig. I’m amazed at your task-juggling skills. I can just about manage one thing at a time.

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  8. Ali Isaac

    Hahaha! Some great questions! Looking forward to reading the answers. 😊

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  9. I think I’m coming down with something too. It’s been a rough week and it’s almost time to start another.

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  10. Ha! That was hysterical. And I read your posts backward, starting with tomorrow’s (which is really today for me) first. So I know you kicked it with The Enhanced League. Wow, and you did it with a cold too. That’s dedication.
    Hope you’re feeling better today (er, which is actually tomorrow going by this post).

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