This week’s “SPOTLIGHT” Author…

It’s finally started; now I can talk about it. Thanks, Marlena, for hosting today. I’ll pop back through a few times and participate in the comments.

Good morning, bloggers!!

I am pleased to welcome a very special guest to my blog today, C.S. Boyack! Craig is an awesome member of Rave Reviews Book Club. He was selected as this week’s “SPOTLIGHT” Author for his participation in our Recruitment Day Blog Contest. Congrats to you, C.S.!! You deserve it!!

As always, sit back, relax and enjoy!!

Craig author pic

C. S. Boyack has a new book out called “The Cock of the South.” This is his first attempt at writing fantasy. It involves a group of conquered peoples banding together to ensure they have a place in the world. It is set in a Greco Roman environment, rife with everything fans of those stories might expect.

Today we have an unusual treat in store, an interview with an honest to God Greek Muse. Her name is Lorelei, and she is the inspiration behind the stories of C. S…

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7 responses to “This week’s “SPOTLIGHT” Author…

  1. HOW COOL! Craig, you already knew I thought you were a superstar, but now there’s even more proof! Way to go! ❤


  2. Top job! Well done. I’m not sure how I missed that you got the RBBC slot I’ve just been thinking, “ooo Craig’s done well on author spots this week” doh. Sorry about that and congratulations anyway.




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