FF: Neighbors! #55

Mystery and intrigue over at In a Small Compass. Check out Karen’s story, Neighbors.

In a small compass...

Lisa’s suggestion about coffee and using the facilities was gladly accepted. We gawked at flashy limousines, beautiful girls, guys in fancy suits – like normal tourists. Finally, Tony navigated us to the back road. We parked in the shadow of a tree, trying to behave as any lost tourist would.

My phone beeped as Lisa called to let us listen in on the conversation. In one point we had been wrong: Hardin and fake Bobbi had met. He had told O’wen that someone like him would never be a star, given his looks. He needed to show off a little, rent one of his luxury mobile homes and a car, settle down in the middle of nowhere, ideally on the outskirts of a tiny town with a dumb sheriff. The scandals would be harmless enough, with lots of publicity. When O’wen paid for the mobile home and car, the power…

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  1. Lisa’s still going strong! 🙂

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