Of daughters and pirates

I intended to work on my book today, but didn’t intend to hit it hard. I allowed myself to wake up whenever Otto decided he was hungry. It was still 6:30, but it’s two hours later than my alarm goes off.

I took my time. Read some blogs, dealt with email, and enjoyed my coffee. Even managed to pay the bills.

I started by backing up two chapters and made a few more adjustments than I usually do. I’m on the downhill slide here, and the denouement is writing itself pretty well. Since this is a trilogy, I have a lot of characters to cover.

I no sooner started than the phone rang. My daughter wanted to chat. Her premise was her sore feet. The backstory is that she rolled her ankle a couple of times in the last few years. She works on her feet and they get sore.

When she was here a few weeks ago, I showed her my rolley thing that you put on the ground and roll around with your foot. It’s like a short rolling pin, but is lathe turned so it has grooves. After about five minutes her feet felt great. She called to tell me she ordered one from Amazon.

“Okay. Good job. Thanks for calling…”


Ninety minutes later we were still on the phone. Budgets, shoes, work, Covid, etc. Mostly nothing special, but it was her. I can’t cut her off, and actually enjoy chatting with her.

Once we finally disconnected it was lunchtime. I decided to make myself a hoagie sandwich and used the stout beer mustard Old What’s Her Face bought me. It was really good.

Then I started writing, but knew I wasn’t going to finish. I brought things up to the point of Serang’s denouement, and on the cusp of the root monsters. I just never made it that far.

I have all weekend and am certain to finish the draft. I’m finding it kind of sad to bring this full circle. I’ve sailed a few seas with these characters, but it’s time to give them their happy endings. If my daughter claimed some of that time it’s fine by me.

My sincerest hope is that everyone’s ending is suitable for my readers. What I have in mind is realistic, and feels like it makes sense for the various characters.

I’ll get another chance tomorrow, and that will be fine by me.


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23 responses to “Of daughters and pirates

  1. Good luck with the writing.

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  2. It’s easy and fun to lose time yakking with family. It’s such a compliment your daughter wants to spend that much time with you. It’s awesome your first draft will be done this weekend. Congrats! I’m really looking forward to your last installment of Lanternfish. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an HEA for Serang:)

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  3. D.L. Finn, Author

    Hope the weekend writing goes well. I get those calls too, it never matters what they interrupt:)

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  4. I hate reaching the end of a story, saying goodbye has always been difficult for me. I was very surprised when it started to include characters in a book!

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  5. HI Craig, family comes first. I have the same time issues as you do. My dad is unwell and my mom is currently needing a lot of support. I am also holding up my sisters.

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  6. I know how that goes but it’s lovely she wants to spend time chatting with her dad. 🙂 Best of luck with the ending of this adventure. You don’t need it, but I’m wishing it for you anyway. Cheers!

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  7. Yep, daughters trump pirates any day! I understand the feeling of winding up a series. It leaves you feeling a little nostalgic. 🙂 After all, we live with our characters and goodbyes are never easy! Have a great weekend!

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  8. Victoria Zigler

    I’m glad you had a nice chat with your daughter, and love knowing you put her ahead of your writing so willingly. The writing is important, but family is more so.

    If the endings feel realistic and make sense for the characters, then I personally think they’re the right endings, even if you pick endings for certain characters that are different to what I hope will be the case for them.

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