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Non writing work & why is the rum always gone?

I took an hour to read blogs this morning, then Old What’s Her Face* wanted me to deal with the peach tree. The peaches are starting to go bad, and there are too many of them. She wanted enough for a crisp recipe she found.

I harvested this time with the pruning shears. Whole branches of peaches yielded what we needed and the rest went in the trash. I saved one basket for the pseudo son-in-law and set aside some special ones for my own project.

There are still quite a few on the tree, and it isn’t too hard to find a fresh one even now. This is a backyard tree and stunting its growth is the goal. That’s why I’m pruning heavily right now.

Tonight my wife made burgers on some wonderful kaiser rolls she found. I had mine with morels we gathered and froze about a month ago. It was heavenly. Then I introduced my crazy plan.

I gave Old What’s Her Face eight tiny flat peaches and asked her to grill them for me. This intensifies the sweetness, and softens them up. After dinner, I rubbed the burnt skins off, pitted them, and threw them in the blender with a glurg of honey.

And then… Wait. What the… Why is the rum always gone?

Right. Adapt, improvise, and improve. It’s time for grilled peach Margaritas.


In a Moai Head no less

I actually have proper Margarita glasses, but I wanted to use my Moai glasses. Wish you were here, Rachel.

So I didn’t get any editing done today. I got a very generous offer from a blog friend, and the Moai is helping me generate an idea.

Hmmm, maybe a peaches and cream Margarita???

* Not my wife’s real name.


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