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As predicted…

I didn’t get much done this weekend. It was fun hanging out with my parents, and I even got to finish up my beer tour at Old Chicago Pizza. I earned a really nice hooded sweatshirt.

Last night we ate at The Yardhouse, and there were plenty of good beers there. I ordered the Anderson Valley Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout. That’s one of my favorites, and I always have at least one when I go there. I was about beered out, so it was mostly to wash down supper. I was feeling adventurous and tried something called vampire tacos. These consist of a small flour tortilla that has been grilled somehow in a blanket of crispy cheese. I have to say they were awesome. If you live near a Yardhouse, you might want to check these out.

After Mom and Dad hit the road it looked as though I might find some reading time. It wasn’t meant to be, because I had a string of interruptions. I managed one chapter, and don’t know if my retention was all that good.

Ultimately, I decided to bag it. My son and I played Borderlands on the X-Box all afternoon. I feel like a slacker, but that’s how it went down.

In bits and pieces, I managed to get some blog things scheduled. I am a guest in a couple of places, and am hosting others here. I think I have a conflict one day, but I’ll deal with that after I figure it all out.

Back to work tomorrow for four ten-hour shifts.

I could have gotten more done. I could have gotten less done too, so I’ll take it and look forward to next weekend.


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Too drunk to blog?

Not really. I spent the last two days in adult education. That's the way of things in the 21st century, isn't it? In my case it was a two day class about Microsoft Excel. The days of hiring on with a big company and working there until retirement are over. We need to constantly update our skills.

My brain is so full of keyboard shortcuts and new data it hurts. We need new and updated skills every month or so. It's almost like we are fungible goods depending upon our skill set. No new skills — see you later.

I had that typical group in class for the last two days. They all work at a big agriculture business, and wanted to take over. They were led by a mother hen. This woman must have weighed 500 pounds and had her grey hair butch cut. She was one of those who laughed out loud at every word she spoke. Kind of like she was overconfident about her own value. It took a lot of effort for the presenter to keep the class on track. He was a pro; however, and kept us moving forward.

Adult education always goes that way. You either get the guy who wants to show off for the instructor, or someone who is disruptive to one degree or another. At my age, I'm used to it. The class was good, but I feel like my head is going to explode.

My wife told me to meet her at Old Chicago for dinner. She really gets me. They have their St. Patrick's day beer tour going on right now. Five beers later, and I earned another tee shirt. She had our daughter drop her off so she could drive me home. Microsoft Excel — who cares?

I have a great workbook to reference for all my Excel issues. I also got to rapidly unwind from the end of my work week.

I'm looking forward to some writing and self publishing time this weekend. I have another short story finished, and The Playground has to move forward to some degree. My novel will finish strong, and I can see the other side of the quagmire that middle ground always becomes.

My main goal is to move forward with publishing Will O' the Wisp. I expect to hit the publish button next weekend sometime. I also have to work up four critiques for my group this weekend. They have some good stories going on, so it ought to be fun. Our meeting is Thursday night.

The work week ends — the working weekend begins. What are your plans?


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