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I have the Book of the Moment

It’s a huge honor to have Will O’ the Wisp as the “Book of the Moment” over at Venture Galleries.

Will O’ The Wisp by C. S. Boyack

Will O' The Wisp by C. S. BoyackPurchase:

  • Buy for Kindle

This book goes beyond YA and should be enjoyable for anyone who loves a terrific plot that is beautifully written.

There is something evil up Bergamot Holler, and it’s been targeting the Hall family for generations.

Read on here


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A Wonderful Review


Please head over to Carmen’s and check out her wonderful review of one of my favorites.

Will O’ the Wisp is the story of a teenage girl, Patty Hall, told in the first person POV. I haven’t read any story with such a young main character and was curious about this one. As I read other books by Craig Boyack I hoped it wouldn’t disappoint me. And it didn’t. Read more here


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Kind of an Odd Day

How is, or did, everyone survive without Twitter and several other forms of media? Here in Idaho, Twitter has been down all day due to a malicious hacker who decided we all have better things to do. (we probably do, but that’s not his choice to make.)

For me, it prevented some of my promotional efforts. Today was supposed to be a light day anyway, but I have a couple of things going on I’d like to spread the word about. I’ll just regroup and mention them here.

First, the Paranormal Bar & Grille is at the CBY Book Club today. This post has excerpts from all the books being promoted. I’d appreciate it if people would check it out, and Twitter isn’t available. Here is the link (LINK), maybe you’ll find your next great reading adventure.

Second, my Amazon Giveaway is still going on. It has exceeded my expectation, because I set it up to run until the 30th of this month and it’s almost over. I purchased five copies of Will O’ the Wisp to giveaway. The odd thing is that three of them went in about 30 hours, the fourth one went about ten hours later. Now it’s been seven days, and that last copy is still there. I really don’t want to run a second giveaway for one copy. Therefore; I’ll give you a little inside information.

When I set this up, I had several options. One invoved the first five contestants winning the prizes. The second one involved some kind of convoluted algebraic thing that I couldn’t make much use of. The third one is what I did. It works like this, pick a magic number and every multiple of that number wins a book until they’re all gone. I chose the magic number of 70. Someone won at 70, 140, 210, etc.

Right now the entrants are standing at 338. This means the odds of winning this thing are astronomical right now. You just have to be the one to hit 350 on the nose. If anyone is interested, Will O’ the Wisp is a great Halloween story. Here is the contest link (LINK)

Third, I’ve compared notes with some of my Story Empire compatriots, and the entrants into our various scavenger hunts have slowed down. There are ten Amazon Gift Cards you could win. You can spend these on anything you like, and aren’t limited to books. In addition, there are five ebooks being handed out. But wait, there’s more. There is also a Rafflecopter for a larger Amazon Card that doesn’t even require any thought.

The best page to link to is the Paranormal Bar & Grill homepage. Right in the middle is the path to the Rafflecopter. At the bottom are links to the individual scavenger hunts. Just pick an author’s name and have fun. Here is the link to get in on these prizes (Also a LINK)

Like I said, Twitter is a decent place to share this info, but it’s not available right now. Besides, I’d like to see one of you guys win something anyway. When my month of promotion ends, I’m going to post an assessment, but I’ll probably post it over at Story Empire. That site needs some love too.

It sounds like Old What’s Her Face and I are going out for pizza and beer tonight. That means I drink beer while she goes deeper into the Boise Townsquare Mall and spends money. At least today is payday. There is no baseball tonight, and Boise State played last night. I’ll take my phone, maybe some of you will comment here.


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Not quite so busy, but productive

BlogPad Pro finally updated their app after six months. They waited this long to accommodate iOS 8. I have no idea why it took that long, but I’m trying the new version tonight. This always was my favorite blogging app.

 I busted out my long suffering novel today, The Playground. Getting Will O’ the Wisp out took some effort on my part, and the current project had to take a back seat. I added a whole chapter today, and it was the last one to get through the middle slog.

I have to confess a love for one character in this story. It seems like every story has one, and it’s rarely the main character. I stopped when it was time for him to pick up the story. This was on purpose. When I pick it back up the words will fly off my fingertips.

Speaking of Wisp, sales have slowed down. This was expected, but I would have preferred June or so. On the Wisp front, I got it added to the Rave Reviews Book Club catalog. I asked to place it in the Young Adult section, but they placed it under Paranormal, Science Fiction, and Fantasy. This is correct too, so I won’t complain. Now I can use their hashtags to promote the book on Twitter, and have been. The retweet response has been phenomenal.

When I finished writing, I made a sandwich. Old What’s Her Face* bought some kind of Hippy bread. This stuff has every kind of seed, nut, or kernel you can imagine. It reminded me of the horse bread from Pillars of the Earth. It tasted fine, but it was really dry.

 I need to book my blog tour, but there are a couple of people who offered to host me, and I want to hit them up first. These are loyal readers, and deserve first crack. I’ll probably send out some email inquiries tomorrow.

I upgraded my “about me” page. It includes links to my new book baby, and I mention the current projects and what status they are in.

I started reading the first Windemere book last night. This has been on my list for a long time, and I need to get on with it. Charles has been a great supporter, and has become a friend. I’m enjoying it so far. He’s doing a Twubs chat tonight, and I’m going to see if I can catch part of it after I get this posted. It’s supposed to last until 11:00 PM EST, so he ought to still be there.

Tonight was date night, but we started early. Maybe this is what old timers do, but we avoided the long lines at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

Do any of you guys fall in love with your supporting characters? Do you use BlogPad Pro? Did you make the horse bread from Pillars of the Earth? (I tried) Are you heading for Charles’ Twubs chat, maybe I’ll see you there.

* Entertaining Stories, protecting my wife’s online identity since 2013.


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