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The day I accidentally created the universe

I walked out of work at 5:30. My mind was full of ideas about all the blog projects I have to get to. Lisa's radio show demands constant attention to keep it up to date. I have a couple of October invites I need to get to as well. Then there is the matter of one last micro-fiction for my October celebration.

Lorelei, the Muse leaned against my tailgate. She faced the Boise Mountains, and I knew she wanted something. She knows I like that view of her athletic form, and she taunts me whenever she wants something. She wore heels and a short skirt, but abandoned the jacket in this heat. She walked up to the passenger door and waited for me to unlock it. She looked fantastic, but then she is a minor goddess.

We buckled in and I worked my way out of the parking lot to the stop light. “So what's up today. You seem to be jumping in fast after your vacation.”

“I know you have ideas, and I just want to know when you're going to get on with them.”

“I plan on writing the micro this weekend. It's only a two day weekend for me.”

“Yes, and you have all your blog duties, I understand. It's time to get started on the novellas. Have you done anything with them?”

“I was thinking I might start the first one next weekend. I have outlines, characters, and more. I've been dwelling on The Hat a lot lately. I even have a character name.”


“Lizzie St. Laurent.”

“That's a mouthful, but sounds appropriate to the story. When do you think Lizzie can get to work?”

Next weekend. In fact, I keep trying to go beyond the story, so I know it's time to start writing.”

“Going beyond isn't always bad. Maybe there's more than one story to Lizzie.”

“If it's a novella, how do you pull that off? A second novella?”

“Let's not get ahead of ourselves. You haven't written the first one. Remember telling me a story will be as long as it needs to be? Maybe it's actually a novel.”

“Would you be mad? I know you want a novella.”

“We've gone over this before. I inspire – you create. That's up to you. I'm only trying to steer your career in directions that could benefit you.”

Her sandalwood perfume was inspiring me. It's so rare these days that it sometimes warns me she's around. “I've had a couple ideas for a follow up story, but nothing is taking full form yet.”

“Like I said, no rush. Deal with this one first. Maybe you can write one of your short stories about her for the next Experimental Notebook.”

“That would probably be best. You know what would be fun? I could team her up with Jason Fogg. He should get another story in any future Notebook. He has a science fiction background, and she has a paranormal basis though.”

“So? Doesn't seem to stop your robot girl from interviewing angels and ghosts.”

“I mean, well, I suppose it could be done. She'd probably do better with others of her kind though.”

“If you say so. It isn't like you're lacking for paranormal characters.”

“Yeah, but the guys from Panama are over a hundred years in history. Even the Will O' the Wisp kids are nearly fifty years in the past.”

“Keep talking it out.”

“I don't under– Oh, she might get along well with a bunch of characters from The Playground. Gina, Morley, Helena, Justine, even Clovis under the right circumstances because he brings so much tension to any scene.”

“Now you're getting it.”

“Maybe one day I'll do my own paranormal team adventure. It could be like the Marvel Universe, but I'm no Stan Lee.”

“Neither was he, until he was.”

I suspected I was high on sandalwood. “Maybe Lizzie, Jason Fogg, throw in Clovis and Justine, maybe Morley Jenkins. Take on some huge world class bad guy.” I turned to the passenger seat, but she was gone.

She'd done it again; filled my head with ideas, most of which will never bear fruit. This is kind of her style. I wind up dwelling on things and eventually stories take shape. I knew my head had been filled with all kinds of inspiration, and I'm actually looking forward to see what takes form.


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Plans in the wind…

My son wanted me to join his family out fishing tomorrow. I'm good with this, and bought a license tonight on our way to dinner. My wife got a text while we were eating, and they are folding up their camp and coming home. Apparently the wind is so bad it's blowing tables and tents over. There is a huge sand dune along Brownlee Reservoir, and the wind is blowing the dune across the road in places.

Tomorrow, I may wind up doing some reading. I'm way behind on that. I have 20% of a book to finish, and another one I promised to read for a friend. I need to get on with it, because I try not to keep my friends waiting.

I also have my critiques to address. There are a few issues with Yak Guy that I can take care of.

Writing will take a back seat, but could happen. I have an unfinished short story, and there is the ongoing saga of the Yak Guy.

I suppose it all depends on what life throws my way. I need to get the Toyota serviced, and will see if they have an opening tomorrow. I may do some things on the camper, and there is always gardening to get done.

Then there is Otto. He needs attention, and is a welcome distraction. I get a kick out of his antics. Right now he's outside fighting with the sprinkler.

We wound up having pizza and beer tonight at Old Chicago. This establishment is at our local mall. My wife likes to eat fast and go shopping. This leaves me to try a bunch of new beers. She was quick this time, and I only got to have three. I'm content though. Bonus, take home pizza I can have for breakfast tomorrow.

I'm not getting up early unless Otto insists. It's nice to get one day to sleep in. Tomorrow I'm playing it by ear.

Wish I had the cash to attend the Blogger's Bash, but that will probably never happen. It looks like a good time, and I hope everyone enjoys themselves. Hoist a cold one for me.


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What’s up WordPress?

I had a terrible week in the real world. A small project that took a whole year to bring to the table was rejected with the waive of a hand.

I don’t want to bring that energy into my blog. I just spent an hour creating a post about how much I hate self promotion. I read it and thought I sounded like a whiny turd. I wound up deleting it.

I’m torn between multiple projects for this weekend. I need to start going over my fantasy novel and move it forward. I kind of want to go back over some of my old stuff and do a comparison to my writing style of 2014. It’s easy to update an old manuscript with Amazon. Is this ethical? Would anyone else do it? I’m just talking about a bit of color, not story changes.

I also want to read another book I’m elbows deep into. It’s late now, and a bit of reading is going to win tonight.

I have three days off and can probably do a little of everything if I put my mind to it.


I take on a lot, both at work and my personal time. Sometimes I have to remind myself how to eat the elephant. Pass the Heintz 57.


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