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A tough stretch for me

Last weekend was my two day weekend, and I didn’t get much done. My wife was off at the same time, and it’s a distraction. Some things, but not a lot.

I get a three day weekend this time out, but my parents will be here any minute. I allowed myself to sleep in, because I deserve it once in a while.

Today came to about 1000 words. Not my best effort, but it’s progress. It will probably be the only writing I get to do.

Serang finished her assignment out in the wilderness, had some vivid dreams with deeper meaning that will payoff later, then she and her master headed out once more. They passed through miles and miles of opium poppies in bloom. There is no specific adventure for this part, so it’s just a bit of scenery.

Their main goal is to get to a boat, then meet back up with the only other monk left alive after the great purge. (As far as they know.)

I need to steer Serang toward what people know from Lanternfish, and this involves both internal things and external things. She showed a bit of growth and maturity in conversations with her master, now it’s time for her to experience boats.

It’s important to give Serang her hat, boots, and the rest of her outfit. She needs to learn martial arts, and weapons training. She also needs to grow and mature. She’s already been involved in some thefts and fights, which will relate to her future life.

Now it’s time to get on a boat. Can’t become a pirate on dry land. My next real day off is Wednesday, and I hope to move the story ahead then.

I’m looking forward to Mom and Dad coming. I haven’t seen them since fall, and we’ll go out to dinner somewhere. It will be nice. Our daughter is also coming since it’s her birthday weekend. I haven’t seen her in a while either.

Behind the scenes, I have some blog projects to work on, and may get some time for that Sunday afternoon.

I probably won’t update again until Wednesday night, but it’s because things won’t be that interesting. Hope all of you have a great weekend, Happy Easter, and all that jazz.


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Craig gives a big sigh

I never intended to post today. Thursday isn’t one of my usual days, and the blog stream is full of resolutions and hope. This post is mostly to help me focus on personal sanity.

My family arrived the Monday before Christmas. They decided to go back home yesterday, with a stop in Twin Falls to visit a friend. They arranged for a rental while here, and will be moving here very soon.

Last night was glorious. I bought my books, enjoyed my one drink, and read until I was ready for bed. It was peaceful, if not quiet. My wife had to watch the New Years programs which were filled with terrible live versions of music that was bad to begin with.

It’s all good to me. It was peaceful once again. This morning I read your blogs for hours and worked on the critiques I received from my group.

My wife cleaned house for a couple of hours. It’s amazing what company can do to a house in a matter of minutes. She put on some gigantic shrimp to marinade. Life is good.

The phone rang. The kids decided to come back. We had to buy more shrimp. We could have fried a chicken, or grilled some hot dogs, but we were stuck with our shrimp that have to be cooked.

The kids are here to arrange for utilities and other things that come with moving. I don’t blame them, and I understand they have to stay here. Still, the clean kitchen and counters ended thirty seconds after arrival.

My ears are about to burst with X-Box noise and squalling kids who can’t seem to make it do what they want.

I know more weekends are going to be trashed. They’ll need help moving, and they’ll have to I stay here until the essentials are set up. I may never get back to my current story. I’ve had company since October, and I thought this weekend would be the end. I may have to sell the Writing Cabin.

I have vacation time coming, and may have to use it for writing.

Therefore; Craig gives a big sigh. I can’t miss them if they don’t go away.


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Safe at Home

It sounds like the Arizona Diamondbacks are off to a great start. They lost both of their early games to the Dodgers. These games were played in Australia, to promote the sport over there. I don’t see this as a disadvantage, since the Dodgers were against the same travel ordeal.

I, on the other hand am safe at home. (Lame baseball joke, for my international followers) We went to Nevada for my father’s 80th birthday.

There were about a dozen family members at his pizza party. Dad was totally surprised, and everyone had a good time.

There were lots of visiting requirements, and I’m pretty tired right now. It was nice seeing everyone though.

My writing suffered. I didn’t manage a single new word of fiction. It sounds like my current project, Will ‘O the Wisp is going to suffer even more. There are a lot of people planning on visiting me in the next 60 days or so. I’d like to complain, but can’t. I like seeing all of them.

I may have to make a decision about Will ‘O the Wisp. I can hack my way through, amid all the visitors. This means a ton of rewriting after I have serious time to write. I can also put it off. This will require me to read through and edit what I have, before tackling the ending with my normal style.

I don’t think there’s a winner or a loser there. It just is.

I’ve decided not to immediately start another story after Will ‘O the Wisp. I know what I want to write, but I have other obligations. I need to whip my remaining 3 projects into shape, buy cover art, and get them online. I’ve been trying everything at once, and while it can be done – I do better when I can check something off my list on occasion.

I picked up several more blog followers, thanks to Rachel Carrera. She interviewed me about my writing on Friday. Thank you, Rachel. Think about visiting her blog.

Other than that, it was blog silence for me this weekend. My overall blog numbers reflect this. (After Friday.) Ya gotta blog regularly, but you also have to live a life.

In other news Doobster428 left a nice comment on one of my posts. He read Wild Concept, and said he enjoyed it. Everyone should go visit his blog, as my way of saying thanks. He could probably use the good cheer after all the poets got finished with him.

I’m home safe. I’m ready for The Walking Dead, and can’t wait to see the aftermath of their own Red Wedding episode last week. Tomorrow is back to the grindstone. I hope everyone had a great weekend.


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And the Heavens parted, and the Angels sang

Fish and houseguests smell after three days.

Ben Franklin said this many years ago. I figure fish has an even shorter lifespan than Franklin predicted, but I’m right there with him on house guests.

My son and his family are headed down the road. It’s 12:56 on New Years Eve. They arrived the evening of Monday, December 23rd. I was genuinely happy to see them.

Somewhere along the line, the cute little cherubs that are my grandchildren turned into demon hellspawn. The oldest one is wonderful now, but she wasn’t always that way. One of the two little ones was screaming at any given time. Combined they averaged about four hours of screaming per day.

This is a big change from the day they arrived and wanted to show me Minnie Mouse or Ninja Turtles. Maybe there’s something in our water.

Now we have a couple of pieces of furniture that have to be professionally cleaned. The pantry is bare of anything remotely sweet, and we both feel like we need a long vacation. (They never seem to want a dill pickle or even a piece of fruit.)

Did I mention that we were both on a long vacation for this visit? I never knew they were staying this long and expected to get some writing done. I tend to use vacation as a kind of writing retreat. Maybe next time.

Maybe I should look at how happy this week has been. I was happy to see them come. I’m happy to see them go. Happy, happy, happy.


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