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Not quite so busy, but productive

BlogPad Pro finally updated their app after six months. They waited this long to accommodate iOS 8. I have no idea why it took that long, but I’m trying the new version tonight. This always was my favorite blogging app.

 I busted out my long suffering novel today, The Playground. Getting Will O’ the Wisp out took some effort on my part, and the current project had to take a back seat. I added a whole chapter today, and it was the last one to get through the middle slog.

I have to confess a love for one character in this story. It seems like every story has one, and it’s rarely the main character. I stopped when it was time for him to pick up the story. This was on purpose. When I pick it back up the words will fly off my fingertips.

Speaking of Wisp, sales have slowed down. This was expected, but I would have preferred June or so. On the Wisp front, I got it added to the Rave Reviews Book Club catalog. I asked to place it in the Young Adult section, but they placed it under Paranormal, Science Fiction, and Fantasy. This is correct too, so I won’t complain. Now I can use their hashtags to promote the book on Twitter, and have been. The retweet response has been phenomenal.

When I finished writing, I made a sandwich. Old What’s Her Face* bought some kind of Hippy bread. This stuff has every kind of seed, nut, or kernel you can imagine. It reminded me of the horse bread from Pillars of the Earth. It tasted fine, but it was really dry.

 I need to book my blog tour, but there are a couple of people who offered to host me, and I want to hit them up first. These are loyal readers, and deserve first crack. I’ll probably send out some email inquiries tomorrow.

I upgraded my “about me” page. It includes links to my new book baby, and I mention the current projects and what status they are in.

I started reading the first Windemere book last night. This has been on my list for a long time, and I need to get on with it. Charles has been a great supporter, and has become a friend. I’m enjoying it so far. He’s doing a Twubs chat tonight, and I’m going to see if I can catch part of it after I get this posted. It’s supposed to last until 11:00 PM EST, so he ought to still be there.

Tonight was date night, but we started early. Maybe this is what old timers do, but we avoided the long lines at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

Do any of you guys fall in love with your supporting characters? Do you use BlogPad Pro? Did you make the horse bread from Pillars of the Earth? (I tried) Are you heading for Charles’ Twubs chat, maybe I’ll see you there.

* Entertaining Stories, protecting my wife’s online identity since 2013.


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