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The weekend update

I took two days off so I could write earlier this week. I managed somewhere around ten thousand words and feel pretty good about it. It needs some pretty serious work, but I had company all weekend.

My parents arrived mid day Friday, and wanted me to meet them at Sportsman’s Warehouse. They know where that is, but didn’t know where the auto detailing shop was. Dad scratched his new truck when he was antelope hunting and hired this guy to get the scratches out.

It was my job to lead them there, and take them to my house when he dropped his truck off. I needed two things at Sportsman’s so I got there early. They didn’t have everything I wanted. Mom called and said they were in the parking lot. When she found out I was inside she came running. It’s hard for Mom to pass up a store.

When we finished, I walked to my truck. Dad  moved his truck to park beside me. This is where the fun begins. He hit my truck while parking his. He left an 18 inch gouge in my fender flare, and knocked two small chunks off of it. His truck was unhurt. Apparently, metal trumps plastic. I need a new fender flare. This set the tone for my weekend.

Hawk Detailing, in Garden City did an outstanding job on his truck. If you’re in Idaho’s Treasure Valley and need this kind of service, I was impressed. Now Dad’s truck looks factory new, but mine doesn’t.

Today is Old What’s Her Face’s* birthday. Mom and Dad came up for that as much as anything. Mom took my wife shopping, and I had to entertain Dad. I decided to take him grouse hunting. My first idea was that “two go out, one comes back.” To tell you the truth, we had a great time. Our success was mostly limited to wild apples and pears, but it was a beautiful sunny day. Dad got a bit muddy, and scraped it all off INSIDE my truck on the way home.

Lorelei** whispered to me while we were driving around. “Your story is on the page, but your characters suck.”

“I’m usually pretty solid on my characters; what’s wrong?”

“It’s your heroine, Gina. You did a good job on her wound, and what makes her tick, but she’s just a dishrag after that. She’s a speaker of words with no personality. You could contrast her with those around her and make them all more believable. They can’t all be the same.”

“That’s a great idea, but it can’t do anything about it until my company leaves.”

“Of course it’s a good idea. Now watch the road and drive carefully.” Just like that, she was gone again.

Mom and Dad took us to dinner for my wife’s birthday, and it was really good. They just left about an hour ago.

We need to pick up my present to her, and then I have Dr. Who recorded to watch. I may not get back to my story until next week.

Sorry to leave you guys hanging, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

* Not my wife’s actual name.

** Lorelei is my Muse. She keeps me on track, and helps me see where I can improve.


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Busy day today

I discovered an upgrade for my Mac last night. It was still running this morning. My devices needed an upgrade too this morning. I got everything running and had to leave. At least my phone and iPad were ready.

My wife decided I needed some upgrades to my truck. Tomorrow is my birthday, and she conspired with my mother to get this done. I wanted a hydraulic bed step, being ever practical. She decided I needed some fender flares. I took it in today, but since everyone is off, I had to wait there.

I went to work editing on my iPad, and they had free coffee, so all was good. Lorelei bailed on me, she’s not into editing. I see myself telling this story more than showing in places. I know this is drilled into writers over and over again. I’m starting to get defensive about it. When my MC has to plow through mountains of documents, I choose to tell. I’ll show when she finds something and makes conclusions. I guess readers can decide if I’m a hack or not.

This story is about four years old, and I still like it. I’ll take that as a good sign.

I wasn’t really into the fender flares, but they look awesome. Sometimes I short myself and try to stay practical.image


I’m not too impressed with the upgrade to Apple Pages. It seems harder to do everything. Dragging a button for indents was pretty easy, while it lasted. A help button would be nice too. They also hid undo and redo. I’ll figure it out, but it feels like change for the sake of change.

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