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Let’s try something fun

My reader has been quieter than usual. I don’t remember things tapering off quite this much last December, but then, I don’t remember a lot of things.

I’ve never hidden the fact that this is a writing blog, or that I have books for sale. Let’s have some fun with this idea. Everyone can play along if you have a bit of fiction somewhere. Even poetry might count. It doesn’t matter if your stuff is unpublished either. Have some fun and let me hear it in the comments. Even better, blog about it and link back here so we can all find it.

You have a cabinet, a shelf, or even a room to decorate. You have to decorate it with “trophies” from your fiction. I’ll just snitch some items from the basement of the writing cabin:

From Wild Concept, I’ll need some Lisa Burton swag to hang on the walls. Maybe one of her calendars from a comics convention to support the Free Lisa campaign. Then I’ll need one of those anti fur posters with her and Bunny.

From Panama I need to put a fancy dagger in a glass case. This was made with anvil dust and quenched in iron water. The handle is made from a church cross, and was rubbed down with garlic oil. It has some elaborate silver wire worked into the handle. With a bigger room, I might shoehorn a beautiful wooden Hispano-Suiza automobile inside.

From Arson I want a pink fire helmet with a plush bunny face on front. It is so unique to Lindsay Pennington. There are a few cool drones I could play with too.

There are a ton of things from The Cock of the South, but I don’t want to get greedy. I think I’d like Cobby’s bronze gladiator helmet, and the blown glass still they used to make alcohol in Castor.

In my micro fiction, there was a small cannon named St. Michael that would make a nice display.

I’m still editing Will ‘O the Wisp, but there is a Thermos bottle decorated with The Banana Splits that might keep my coffee warm. There is also a small wooden trunk that is kind of nice looking and very interesting to boot.

So let me hear it. What trophies would you keep from your fiction?


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