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I’m so happy about this

Apple recently split out iOS, making one for phones and a slightly different one for iPads. Like a good gadget zombie, I dutifully updated everything.

This is followed by the rash of apps that need to be updated. Check that box off.

I do everything on my big iPad Pro. I bought one of the original ones, because I wanted to be able to open more than one window at a time. It works great, but it was limited to different programs.

This is why I lamented my old iPad’s inability to handle the new operating systems. I used to take redlines of my critique sections, open them on the old iPad, then edit on the iPad Pro. Worked great.

The last few rounds, I’ve been opening the redline on my phone and “getting by” that way.

However, the new updates provided something wonderful. I can now open two Apple Pages documents side-by-side. With the big screen on the Pro, it works wonderfully for my purposes.

I made this image as an example for this post. Imagine the Viral Blues side being my work in progress, the Lanternfish side being a redline markup of the latest critique I received. I’m excited, let me tell you.

Rumor is that it works on other gadgets, too. I can’t imagine trying to use this on a phone, but if that shakes your booty, apparently it works there, too.

It still works with different programs, and there are times when I use the slider in the middle to make the right side narrow, then leave a Google search open. Thesaurus.com, maps, you get the idea. The ability to have two documents is a game changer for me.

I may be the only person out there who writes on Apple Pages (with an iPad), but if you’re one of us, you might find this helpful.


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Working the Plan

This weekend I read a book called Hats Off to Murder, by D. S. Nelson. She’s a blog friend, and I really enjoyed it. It’s a quick read, and I appreciate that from time to time.

I read my own work in progress, called The Playground. I even managed 1134 new words this morning. That’s pretty low by my standards, but my wife got up early. What can you do? I’m just happy to get any writing time at all.

Yesterday, I joined Goodreads. Mari Wells and Charles Yallowitz found me almost immediately. Several more of you found me during the next 24 hours. Thanks, you guys.

Im having some trouble with it. These things don’t come with an operator’s manual, and I’ve been fumbling around. I tried to copy and paste a link in this post, but there doesn’t appear to be anything unique to me. It just looks like a generic Goodreads link.

When my author’s page got approved, I excitedly dove into it. The only book it will associate with me is Panama. It is aware of Arson and Wild Concept too, but I have not been able to claim them. Someone else entered all of these books, and I think I have the issue identified. When I signed up it was as C. S. Boyack, with all the correct spacing. Arson is attributed to someone called C.S. Boyack without the space. Wild Concept appears to be in the same boat.

I managed to get this blog to post over there, so I’ve had some success. I even got my beer drinking photo in the right place.

At this time, I have been unable to convince the programming that it’s all me. I sent them an email, and maybe they’ll help me out. So far, Goodreads has no idea The Cock of the South even exists. Maybe that’s a good thing for a day or three.

Sue Coletta sent me a cool document to help me find my way around. I’ll be spending this evening plowing through that. Thanks, Sue.

I suppose I need to update my Gravitar data, email signature, and blog to include Goodreads. I just need to figure out a proper link. Maybe there is no such thing, and people just search for C. S. Boyack.

So what all can I do on Goodreads? It’s all new and shiny. I entered the last few books I read and used copy & paste to include the reviews I posted to Amazon. I also added all the books I bought as TBR.

I’m interested in your tips and tricks, or just stop by and say howdy. Once I can take posession of all my books, the next amazing stunt will be when I publish Will ‘O the Wisp. I’m sure there are tricks to that process too. What are the secrets of the Goodreads universe?


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