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My Castaway Journal #3

I sent Old What’s Her Face a message that I was leaving early. A storm was scheduled to hit Idaho in the afternoon, and I wanted to beat the front coming in. She answered with a photo and said Frankie loves playing in the snow.

I have to admit her face looks a little insane in this image. Otto, in his typical fashion, is just happy all the time. The snow also served as a warning that my drive would be an adventure.

The natives filled me with sausages and eggs before it was time to leave. Then I filled my travel mug with coffee, and my truck with gasoline before hitting the road.

Very few cars were out, and Sundays aren’t usually like that. The roads were a sheet of decaying ice along the first third of the drive. Not too bad when they received a good angle from the sun, worse if not. Owyhee canyon was solid ice.

After I got through the Indian reservation, I started climbing. This section was drifting snow almost all the way to Mountain Home. After that, the roads were clear and the speed limit is 80 on the freeway.

My average speed for over a hundred miles today was 45. I cranked up the tunes on my phone, and may have found a couple that would work for Lizzie and the hat to play in a subsequent story. I have some new parameters that I’m not ready to go into yet, and it makes choosing a little tougher. I may not start writing this one until next year.

The WiFi at home is a welcome thing. I’m not going to get anything else accomplished, even though I could hit it hard and maybe get one project out the door. Right now, I kind of want to kick back and do nothing.


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a stranger in a strange land

I am alive and well, in Columbus, Ohio. I’m at a conference all week, but I’ll try to make all my blogging committments. I promised a slot to the Rave Reviews Book Club, plus Mari Wells and I have something fun cooked up for Thursday.

My day started off a bit strange,  in that Southwest didn’t have a boarding pass for me. I had to go through security, then wait for someone to show up at the concourse. It all worked out well. I even got to walk through the metal detector,  and left my shoes on. I usually get the full body scan. 

I spent a couple hours in Denver between planes. Note to self: put a chapstick in my pocket when flying.

Columbus looks kind of old and tired. My view is of two beautiful old churches, and I appreciate their style. I unpacked my bag to find this little love note:


It feels weird to know that someone went through all my stuff today. I kind of want to wash all my clothes before wearing them now. It doesn’t make me feel any safer. Maybe they read my blog and know about all the strange items I research for my stories.

On a happy note, Panama got another five star review. There’s still time to read it by Halloween. The cover image is linked right to the Amazon page. It’s also free through the lending library and Amazon Unlimited. (just saying) Cowboys,  Voodoo, egg magic, international intrigue,  and only one scrotum joke.  (I promise.) What’s not to love? 


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