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Is Tony Bennett a Vampire?

I was on my commute this morning when Telephone, by Lady Gaga, played on the radio. It’s kind of catchy, and I enjoyed it. I remember when she made a Christmas special with Tony Bennett, and I heard she put out an album of classics with Bennett recently.

My mind went to work, and I did a little bit of research. Gaga and Bennett are touring together. Now I don’t like every tune by Lady Gaga, but I admit she is very talented. Strange, but talented.

More research; Bennett is 88 years old. Born in 1926. This is well past the age most people work, and well beyond the age most people are comfortable travelling extensively.

Gaga’s last album didn’t sell too well, and I don’t recall hearing about any big hits from it either.

Deep in the corners of my memory, I remember when Linda Ronstadt put out an album called What’s New. It was her take on some of the classics. She attracted Tony Bennett, and his career was reborn. I don’t recall hearing from Ronstadt ever again.

I saw in my research where Faith Hill did a duet with Bennett once. When was the last time she had a hit?

A bit more research showed that Bennett did a duet with Amy Winehouse. She’s dead now, and Bennett is going strong.

So on one side of the scale we have some very talented ladies, whose careers, well, let’s say diminished. The other side of the scale holds Tony Bennett at 88 years of age who keeps going strong. It almost seems like as the girls lose something, Bennett gains something.

If Taylor Swift’s agent wants to make a protective strike, I heard Bennett’s heart is in San Francisco.


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