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Dialing it in today

I spent a lot of time on other projects today and don’t really have a specific blog post. I spent a year trying to do wallpaper of the month. Nothing really screams September to me except “Back to School.”

I’m nearly an empty nester, and all my kids are through with school. I didn’t want a school theme. I finally came up with the early harvest. Enjoy this ristra of chili peppers for September.

Moving forward, I may just use whatever appeals to me. It might be a fantasy or science fiction scene. Does anyone know how to make an animated Will ‘O the Wisp image, or whether it could be used as wallpaper?


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Maybe I’m too subtle

I see blog readers from Vietnam, Canada, India, and more. In the US we have a major holiday called Thanksgiving. The Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, but it’s a different day.

The holiday involves a major feast where turkey is the main course. I wanted to reflect the seasons on my blog, but I might be too subtle. The background image is of wild turkey tracks in the snow.

I’m really excited to have international readers and followers. This explanation is so they can be in on my subtitle holiday reference too.

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