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Another Bachelor Weekend

Just me and the dogs this weekend. Old What’s Her Face went to Nevada to visit family. I kind of planned on getting a lot written, but it didn’t work out quite that way.

I spent a good part of my day playing a stupid game. I used to feel guilty for things like this, but that isn’t healthy. The fact is, I work hard all week. I generally work hard most weekends, and I felt like goofing off.

There are two complete books on the Cloud right now, and I got the formatted MS back for The Midnight Rambler today. I also have two mostly drafted stories that I’m working on.

It wasn’t a complete abandonment of my available time. I managed about 4/5 of a chapter. I think there are some great humorous bits in it. I made a fun James Brown joke, and even managed to electrocute Lizzie St. Laurent. (Just a little bit. I’m sure her hair grow out.)

I don’t know that I’m going to get a lot more done tomorrow either. I have one blog assignment, and that might be it for my weekend.

Vacation is looming. We can’t afford to do squat, so I’m staying home, but we’re going to the fair one night. The free concert that night is Pat Benatar. We’ve seen her before, but it’s hard to pass up a stellar show for the price of fair admission. I can also have fair food, so that will be our supper.

Boise has had a great lineup of musicians this year, but tickets seem to be around $150… each. That would be an expensive night out for us. We passed on Melissa Etheridge, Bonnie Raitt, and The Black Crows. Pat Benatar is a favorite and will be a good time.

With all that leave available, I might squeeze a bit of writing time from the rest of the week. Time will tell.

We’ve tied the record for most days over 100 degrees here in Boise this summer. I have no doubt that we’ll be breaking it before this is all over. The pups and I are staying cool, and doing whatever strikes our interest. I hope all of you are doing whatever grabs your attention, too.


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Date afternoon

I didn’t get anything done this weekend. I got everything I needed to assemble and schedule one of the Lisa Burton interviews, so I did that, but nothing else of consequence.

We had a house full of company. We went out to eat with Mom & Dad twice. We even went to Old Chicago, which is at the mall. This was by design, because Dad & I could drink beer while Old What’s Her Face took Mom through the mall.

We lost part of our time because Mom wanted to go to a funeral. This guy was Mom’s uncle by marriage. I never liked the guy in life, so didn’t feel obligated to go to his funeral. (Sorry, that’s how I roll.)

After everyone left, we met my son and his family at the fair. We don’t do much other than eat. We missed all the concerts and such this year. We ate a bunch of food that is likely bad for us, and don’t particularly care. We only get this stuff once per year.

This is the first year I can remember when it wasn’t swelteringly hot. Our temperatures dropped to 73 degrees today. The smoke has thinned out too. It was wonderful. Today is the last day, so the crowd was sparse.

They never seem to have good beer at the fair. There are stands everywhere, but they all offer the same generic stuff you could pick up at any gas station. I think the beer vendors must have a contract. This strikes me as odd, since a lot of craft beer is made right here now. I decided that if I can’t have what I like, I didn’t need one. I did have a fresh huckleberry milkshake that was pretty good though.

We usually check out the exhibits, but this year we stopped after the chickens and bunnies. Half the bunnies were replaced by guinea pigs. Hardly what I’d consider a farm animal. Half the chickens were replaced by pigeons. After that, we decided to skip the other barns and eat more food.

I did spot this awesome duck though. I should ask him for some hair care tips.

This is my short weekend, so it’s back to the office tomorrow. I get four days next weekend, and I should make a task list. There are several projects I’d like to move forward when I have the time.

This was a weekend for family, and I don’t feel bad at all for spending it with my parents, or my kids and grandkids.


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The Weekend, so far

Yesterday was home improvement day. I brought the camper home, so workers could have access to the house without canine interruption. My summer experience with bulldogs wasn’t great, so I insisted they have air conditioning available. Turns out the camper trick worked well.

I was forced to sequester myself inside the camper with the dogs. I worked on some long suffering edits, but didn’t get them all finished. Don’t tell anyone, but it was awesome.

The workers decided to quit about three o’clock, which I thought was odd. This meant a return visit this morning. We went to the first round of the fair after they left for the day. Our fair has free concerts included in the price of admission. This was the big event last night.

I snapped this pic right before one of our famous summer thunderstorms. To her credit, Joan finished her song in the rain. The Firemarshal made them step offstage. She vowed to come back and finish, and she did. Some people left, but the finale was wonderful.

The concert ran late, but some of the food booths were still open. We went different directions and met at the picnic tables. I wound up with an awesome gyro that I may have to take a repeat visit on.

Just because I’m that way, does anyone else think the hand-washing station looks like an alien?

When the workers left, my house looked like this.

By noon today, the entire job was finished. We really like it, and here’s a pic before we put all the furniture back.

My company is all here, and came in handy for lugging couches back in. We’re headed back to the fair, and the free concert is Trace Adkins. He’s good, but I was more pumped up to see Joan Jett. Today I’m more excited to visit the food vendors with a little more time to cruise around.


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