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A Long Weekend

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We had so many people, I never got to visit with them for long. I’d like to have heard more about the Indian pottery my cousin discovered, but everyone deserved a turn.

I got to go shooting with my brother one morning. We shot paper targets on two wire holders he made. It was fun shooting my old Remington again. I made the grips for it myself, but haven’t been shooting for a couple years. Check it out:


We drove through town a couple times. They say you can’t go home again, and it’s true. There are subdivisions where I used to chase rabbits with my old basset hound. Things have changed so dramatically, it isn’t the same little town I grew up in. Time changes everything, and I’m not the same as I once was either.

I just happened to be off today, so I spent the day working on critiques. I’m fortunate to belong to a pretty good group, and look forward to learning something every month. I’ll probably spend the afternoon on edits. If I don’t get on with it, the poor editor will think I’ve forgotten about her.

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Mythbusters Live

My wife and I had a blast at the live Mythbusters show last night. Adam is pretty funny, and Jamie is just like you’d expect.

Anyone who gets the chance should consider going to this show. Now if Alton Brown would just come here the cycle will be complete.

Time to pack my clothes and head for Thanksgiving in Nevada. This time it really will be blog silence for awhile.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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Maybe I’m too subtle

I see blog readers from Vietnam, Canada, India, and more. In the US we have a major holiday called Thanksgiving. The Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, but it’s a different day.

The holiday involves a major feast where turkey is the main course. I wanted to reflect the seasons on my blog, but I might be too subtle. The background image is of wild turkey tracks in the snow.

I’m really excited to have international readers and followers. This explanation is so they can be in on my subtitle holiday reference too.

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