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Millions of Peaches, Peaches for me

I love stone fruits, but I’m down to my last tree. The old apricot died from some kind of root borer a few years ago, and I’m not replacing it. The problem with stone fruits is they all ripen at once, and they don’t store well.

This means when the fruit ripens, you eat it until it runs out your ears. If you intend to make jam or jelly it becomes a today project. We don’t eat a lot of jam or jelly, and making it always results in too much.

It’s time to dig out the dehydrator and figure out how it works again. I love dried fruit and they last a long time.

My last stone fruit is a flat peach. I love these things. Men with beards get along better with smaller fruit. I can eat a flat peach, or wear a standard sized one. I planted a tiny seckle pear tree for the same reason.

My wife has some Saturday plans, so I may start the first batch this evening. I’m sure I need a peach daiquiri in there somewhere too. You know, to help me concentrate on cutting up the rest of the fruit.

I can probably drag the harvest out over a week, but that’s about it. Apples and pears keep if you refrigerate them. Peaches just don’t.

Check this baby out. I swear I thinned heavily too. This is just the easiest branch to photograph. There are many more like it.



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