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Don’t know what to call this post

I’m rambling again. It’s okay, we all need to from time to time. I just do mine in public.

I probably ought to be writing, but Old What’s Her Face is off today and tomorrow. Mondays is looking like my best opportunity right now.

Serang has been on the shelf long enough to start my word searches. Probably not long enough for my first editing pass, but there is always the wrong word that sneaks in somewhere. It’s-its. There – there – they’re. That kind of thing. Somehow, I just haven’t gotten to it.

I ought to be reading. I’m so horribly behind on that it isn’t funny. Several of my friends have released books, and while I’ve purchased them, I’ll wager they would appreciate some reviews too. I’ll get there, I promise.

Instead of that, I finally got around to watching “Thinner,” again. It doesn’t completely fit the fairytale mold, but several of the elements are there. Obviously the curse. The use of the number three is rampant. More rampant than I’ve ever used it.

  • Family of three
  • Three people get cursed
  • Encounter the Gypsy king three times. (Middle one is a beatdown)
  • He loses three pounds per day. (Most days)
  • Three acts of revenge against the Gypsy king.
  • Many more.

There is a neat parallel too. In order to remove the curse, the main character has to curse someone else. Love the idea of a curse pie.

Then there is Dish Network. My wife has no idea how to get rid of door-to-door people. This includes religious cults, salesmen, Girl Scouts, and others. Some kid has been stalking her and trying to convince her we need to switch to Dish.

I just bluntly tell them to peddle their wares elsewhere. If they still persist, I get rude. They have no problem interrupting my serenity, so why should they deserve any? I think the next time I deal with one, I’ll wipe the back of my hand across his/her cheek and say “Thinner.” I even have a cool witch hat I could put on first. Might not work, but I could freak someone the hell out.

This kid from Dish was supposed to come back and talk to both of us the other night, but managed to show up at 8:50 pm. He came back today and it looks like we’re switching back to Dish Network.

Old What’s Her Face has been talking about this for months to give her a fair representation. The kid is just someone I get to make fun of along the way. There was a time when all the providers were the same, but that isn’t the case anymore.

To get Dish, we have to give up HBO and Cinemax. They simply don’t have them available. As a packaging choice, we are giving up Turner Classic Movies. It comes in a bundle that costs too much for one decent channel. I watched all these channels. Game of Thrones is over, so that helped with our decision, but you know they’ll have the next big deal very soon.

The biggest loss for me is called Warrior. It’s based on some loose writing by Bruce Lee, and is set in San Francisco’s Chinatown during the 1800s. I’ve enjoyed it, and the first season ended last night. I just won’t be there next year when it returns.

I am picking up a sports package that will include Major League Baseball. This means I’ll get some games, but not all of the games the Extra Innings package provides. I can live with this, because I’m getting none of them currently.

The biggest factor for me is the price. We are going to save EIGHTY dollars per month. We can use the savings around here. That’s enough money for a nice date night, maybe a couple of movies per month. It buys a tank of gas so we can take the camper out this summer.

So, here I am, goofing off and not getting down to business at all. I’ve hit it pretty hard lately, and expect new words of fiction before I go back to my work week. Today just isn’t the day, and tomorrow might not be either.

PS: The new hazelnut M & Ms are awesome.


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