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Vacation gyrations

I’m enjoying one of my routine staycations this week. I was about to max out on accrued leave, so I decided to treat myself.

I had a list, but I haven’t gotten real far on it. The first point was a big one though.

1. Finish my WIP.
2. Work on a project for a friend.
3. Return to Midnight Rambler for a complete read-through.
4. Consider a cover and Lisa Burton posters for Midnight Rambler.

I haven’t really gotten that far, but I’ve been consciously trying to goof off a bit, too. Here it is Thursday, and I finished my manuscript.

Percy the Space Chimp has his first book finished. I want this to become a trilogy, so we’ll see what the Muse brings me here. I still don’t have a title for the damned thing, but once the trilogy is finished it might come to me.

I know it’s Thursday already, but I’m trying not to take on so much my staycation becomes stressful. I’m bound to get at least one more thing accomplished before I have to return to work.

Somewhere soon, I need to decide what to write next. My heart lies with the Hat Series, but I already have one I could publish. Maybe I’ll see if I can dream up some more post apocalyptic elements for my revenge in the swamp story. I might even write that at the same time as the next Hat story.

I always liked writing two at the same time, and I think the world is ready for another stand-alone title from me.

Hope you’re all having good weeks out there.


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A short update

It’s been hot here in Idaho. Ungodly hot. The lawn is suffering, but my fruit trees seem to be loving it. At the office, the wildlife has all but disappeared.

This little beauty built a nest on the outside of my window, so she’s about all I have. She tends to back into her silky house during the heat, but runs around in the cooler hours of morning.

She’s on the outside of the building, so I’m not worried about her as I work.

Today marks the first day of vacation for me. I don’t know what I might wind up doing, but reading, movies, and writing are on my list. I really don’t have an agenda, but maybe Old What’s Her Face and I can do some things together. I’d still like to see the Stellar’s Sea Eagles at the zoo. I based the Omcrom off them in HMS Lanternfish, and it would just be cool to see them in person. If we go, I’ll snap a photo.

I managed to send a chapter to my critique partners this morning. I also added some new words, but don’t really have a target. If I decide to stop for the day and do something else, that’s fine.

Rumor has it that a couple of bulldogs need a bath, so that’s probably on my list this afternoon.

Mostly, it’s time for a change of pace and scenery. I don’t think I’ve taken more than a day or two off in over a year, and it’s overdue.


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Making progress today

I don't want to take anything away from my guest post today. Make sure you visit today's radio spot and check out City of Hope and Ruin. She's been tearing it up today, so make her feel welcome. I wanted to post on my staycation progress.

I made a screaming tour through Blogland and social media this morning while the coffee brewed. Then I started in on projects.

I cobbled together the next Lisa Burton Radio post and sent it for final approval. Haven't heard anything back, but there is still time. It's likely to be scheduled for next week.

I managed to write seven pages of The Yak Guy project. Honestly, I wanted and expected more. I guess I'm out of shape mentally. The next phase of his growth is about to begin, and I don't like writing the transitions. The new players are just about to enter the story now, in fact one of them has been seen but not introduced yet. It's a decent place to stop, because I'm excited to get back to it now. Besides, I get to beat the crap out of him next. Fun fun fun. Last section he got to have sex with his dream girl, now he gets to meet her father.

In keeping with my Tarot personal challenge, her father is The Emperor the other guy represents The Hierophant. I'll probably minimize The Emperor and spend a little more time on The Hierophant. Readings never expect to give full weight to every single card. Later on, I'll have to minimize The Hermit too. Nobody wants to read five chapters of Ted pondering the meaning of life.

I worked through the critiques I received on The Yak Guy project. The group all seemed to like it, but they said some cautionary things, and it feels like good advice. Yak Guy Ted is being put in a lot of uncomfortable situations and is forced to evolve. This is good, but it's also passive. I need to get Ted driving the action. He's just about ready, and has to a degree. It's a really good caution though, and I may have to address it in rewrites. I still want it to follow the Major Arcana, and The Fool can't be a mover and shaker until he's ready.

I also managed to get Jason Fogg out of trouble in his new short story. I still have to figure out what he's going to do to the bad guys, but I'm in no rush here. I don't try to set deadlines for my short stuff. The only issue is several other characters who want their short stories to get written. I refuse to start them until I finish this one.

I wasn't the best blog buddy today. A few months ago I created a list I called “must reads.” These are the people who I really enjoy, and 99% of them visit Entertaining Stories and interact. I actually follow over a thousand blogs. I like surfing the headlines and reading the stuff that jumps out at me. If I want to get anything done, I limit myself to the list. That's the kind of day today was.

Tomorrow I want to rough out the next-next Lisa Burton Radio interview and send it out. I need to move The Yak Guy ahead, and will to some degree. I may even finish with Jason Fogg, but it isn't required.

I really wanted to watch The Diamondbacks play tonight, but the damned thing is only on a channel I don't pay for. Greinke vs Cueto too.

I'll probably return to the novel I'm reading instead. I need to get on with that too.


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