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Vacation day two: Date Night

I managed one and a half pages yesterday. That’s it for writing. Digging back through my archives, it seems like about 1500 words is the norm, but I have days like this, too.

The big plan was going to the fair anyway. We had a good time, but it was hot. I feel for you women, because I got boob sweat in the sweltering heat.

The fair wasn’t up to snuff this year for some reason. I grabbed a few pictures to share.

This is the place where you get all your food. There are carnival rides in the distance. We both had a prickly pear lemonade. I opted for a gyro, but it was mostly salad. This is odd, because this place has been awesome over the years. I had every intention of sampling all kinds of things, but it didn’t work out that way.

Mechanical bull — nope.

The poultry barn has chickens and rabbits, with a few other kinds of birds. There were probably a third of what’s usually in there. I snapped this goth chicken for you.

The main exhibit hall was a kind of split. Painting and photography are still pretty popular. The produce section was a let-down. There were no big pumpkins to share this year. Baking had one display. Even it wasn’t as special as past years.

No free samples

I headed for the photography, but Old What’s Her Face said the gates were opening for the concert, and that kind of ended our browsing.

Pat Benatar put on a great show. We’ve seen her before and knew it would be good. The best part is the fair concerts are free with the price of admission. We had to sit in the heat for an hour or two waiting for the show to start, otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten decent seats.

We were back a ways, but our days of standing on the field are over. The bleachers were a bit much, but Old What’s Her Face blinked first. We walked down to the main level, grabbed bottled water, and finished the show on our feet. (Don’t tell her, but my back was killing me, too.)

Might get some writing in today some time. I also have the formatted MS back from The Midnight Rambler. I need to push it through Amazon’s machine even though I don’t want to publish yet. It’s the best way to see if my silly graphics moved somewhere other than where I want them.


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Something about plans

I never had much of a plan for the weekend. One of the items was to maybe do a bit of writing today. Last night, I learned that my wife is off from today through Monday. I have to go back to work on Monday, but that kind of erases any quality writing time in one fell swoop.

We had to bathe the dogs last weekend, and that always requires a special effort where Frankie’s tail is involved. We made sure to dry it multiple times that day, and a couple of times per day afterward. She got a tail infection anyway.

The vet gave us some power to use when this happens. We managed a couple of doses and she seemed to feel better. However, I have bloody scrapes on my legs from trying to hold her so my wife could apply the dust. (Bulldogs are strong.) We were then faced with Thursday afternoon.

She wanted to play ball, but just wasn’t herself. We decided to get her an appointment this morning. Part of this is because things always seem to go sour in the middle of the night on Sunday, when nobody is available.

Old What’s Her Face took the dogs to Dutch Bros. for coffee. They love this, because they get a treat. When she got home she said, “Get their harnesses on. I’ll take a quick shower, then we’ll go.”

No problem. I got them suited up, but things seemed to be taking too long. I found my wife in the shower, in tears. Her back went out again, and she could barely walk. We’re both subject to this lately, and I feel for her. The decision was for me to take Frankie to her appointment.

Otto was really disappointed, because he didn’t get to go. I can’t handle both of them by myself. After 20 miles of rush-hour traffic, I wound up being ten minutes late. The infection is there, but it isn’t too bad. A pain med, some big old horse pills for an antibiotic, plus instructions to keep using the powder, and we headed back home.

I called my wife, and she made it to the couch after some pills we both rely upon.

One of the things we had planned is to go to the fair tomorrow. She was supposed to go out with a co-worker this afternoon, but had to cancel with this lady. (Might have made for some writing hours.) This deal is payback for something nice the coworker did for my wife. Now it sounds like they might go to the fair tomorrow if my wife can walk. It’s a payback, and I appreciate the need to take care of it.

However, I was looking forward to the fair. It’s been on my radar for a month. Now I’m without productive time, have a dog to keep medicated, and no plans for anything.

I have a blog post to schedule for a friend, so I’ll probably do that if they go to the fair.

If nothing else there are storyboards. I added some notes to a future story today, and it helped solve a plot issue. It’s way out in the future, but it’s a nice step.

Not much else to report. I had three days, but plans aren’t worth making at this point. I’ll take it as it comes. Might write some promotional posts, might not. May rent a movie or something.


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