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The Life series, on Lisa Burton Radio

Welcome to another edition of Lisa Burton Radio; the show where we introduce the characters you love to read about. I'm your host, Lisa the robot girl, and my special guest today is Jack Holland, from The Ninth Life and The Last Life, by Jaye Marie.

Jack is an attractive, successful businessman who is desperate to find Kate, his missing ex wife. He welcomed the opportunity to be on the show. I know he is hoping one of you good listeners will know where she is.

“Welcome to the show, Jack.”

“Delighted to be here, Lisa. Impressive set up you have, very impressive. I understand you run the radio station on your own, no husband or partner? I find that really surprising for a girl with your obvious talents.”

“Yes, well, this is my show and I have all the help I need, believe me. Why don’t you tell us all about Kate? I understand it was the death of your son that caused her breakdown, resulting in her leaving you. I am so sorry for your loss, by the way.”

“We were so happy together in the beginning. It was like a fairytale. But when the child died, Kate wanted to stop living, becoming a different person to the perfect wife I married. It was as if she hated me. I still don’t understand what happened. I know she needs my help, and I am hoping that someone listening can help me find her.”

“Poor Kate. Do you have any idea where she might have gone? What did she do before you met her, any clues there?”

“Kate loved to paint. If she wasn’t actually painting, she would be in a gallery somewhere, studying it. A stupid hobby in my opinion, but she loved it.”

“Was there anyone else in the picture when she left? I understand there was an old flame somewhere in the past. A Michael Barratt. Would he know where she is?”

“How the hell do you know about him? No, I’m sure he had nothing to do with her leaving, but he is probably helping her now. Although how he managed to find her when I couldn’t, remains an annoying mystery to me. But I think I am getting closer to the pair of them, they can’t hide from me forever.”

“I wonder what Kate thought of your moods? Calm down, Jack. There's no need for any of that, not here with me. I only want to help.”

“Not much evidence of that so far, if you ask me. I don’t think you ever intended to help me, you’re just after a juicy story for your listeners. Are they listening right now? Kate, if you are out there, stop all this silly nonsense and come home. You know I won’t stop until I find you both.”

“And what will you do then, Jack? What are your plans?”

“I have such plans for Kate, and Mr. Perfect too. Everything will be wonderful again, once I have her back.”

“Maybe she doesn’t want to come back, ever thought of that? Perhaps you should move on and leave them alone. Sure sounds like a great idea to me…”

“You know nothing about me or Kate, Lisa. I thought you wanted to help me, but I see I was wrong. For all I know you are involved in this conspiracy too, and helping to hide them from me. Maybe that’s why you contacted me in the first place. Are the police going to turn up in a minute? You really don’t want to mess with me. Many people have and all of them are dead now. Do you feel like joining them, hmmm?”

“That was entirely uncalled for, Jack, and I think you should get some help. In fact …”

“I don’t want to hear what you think. Maybe it is time to shut you up. I am quite good at shutting people up.”

“Listen, Buster. I'll kick your ass. I promise I'm a lot stronger than you are, and I come equipped with a class three battle chassis. No way you can hurt me. Now, I know a good psychiatrist, and she helped me learn to be human. Would you like me to give you her contact information?”


“Jack stormed out into the forest. If he thinks a crazy psycho is the worst thing out there he's in for a big surprise. We have buffalo grass that eats whole buffaloes, the bog beast, sabertooth tigers, and more. Don't worry, I'll use my infrared vision to keep an eye on him.

“Help me keep the lights on around here by checking out The Ninth Life and The Last Life, by Jaye Marie. I'll include all the deets on the website. Think about hitting those share buttons too, you'll want folks to share when your character appears on my show.”























You can find Jaye Marie at the following locations:

Website: http:jenanita01.wordpress.com

Twitter: http:twitter.com/jaydawes2/media

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JayeMarie44

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8638857.Jaye_Marie

You can get a copy of the books here:

The Ninth Life: myBook.to/TheNinthLife

The Last Life: myBook.to/TheLastLife



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Let’s all stay safe out there

Everyone’s enamored with social media these days. We talk about ourselves all the time. Even WordPress is a place for social interaction. With the Christmas season, I feel even more compelled to post this reminder, when we’ll all be posting more frequently.

Christmas season is a time of parties, shopping, travel, vacations, possibly all at once. Remember whatever you post is out there for everyone to see. This includes people who are predatory in nature. Let’s look at some examples.

“Awesome snow in Aspen. Two weeks of fun ahead.” What you just told someone is that you are not at home for fourteen days. This applies to long shopping days too. “Getting it all done in one day. Two malls and eight hours to go. Wish me luck.” This means, “Feel free to load up my plasma TV, oh and there’s beer in the fridge. Help yourself.”

We have to manage a multitude of passwords. The most common password out there is the name of a pet. This is encouragement enough to choose a different password, but think of this. “Look Twitter, isn’t Petunia adorable in her little hat!”

Have you ever signed up for a service, and they let you choose a security question in case you forget your password? Common ones are the name of your pet, what high school did you attend, or what is your mother’s maiden name?

Post this on Facebook: “Here’s a picture of me and my cousin Vinnie Pallacio at our ten year reunion in Pahrumph, Nevada. Doesn’t Vinnie look good with his hair transplants?” If Paraumph only has one high school, someone might be able to answer your security question. If Vinnie is your first cousin, your mother’s maiden name might be easy to guess.

How many people post birthday wishes on social media? If someone knows your date of birth and mother’s maiden name, they might be able to raise all kinds of hell with your credit. Okay, they might have to guess at the year, but maybe a different post told them about your ten year reunion.

Post number one might say, “I’m hiding all the Christmas presents in my car this year. That way the kids can’t snoop without a key.” Then a different post says, “I had to use the parking tower this morning. Three blocks in the snow to get to my office.” Bring the crowbar, I know where there’s a bunch of presents just waiting for us.

Kids read your posts too. “Look at the cool rollerblades I bought my nephew.” This might be less damaging, but it can still ruin a surprise.

Even the police will read social media. “I’m so wasted, and I don’t have a designated driver.” Um, never mind. Go ahead and post that one.

My point is that sometimes we reveal too much. We always assume our friends are reading about our high jinks. (Don’t worry, they still are.) We may not realize who else is reading this stuff.

It isn’t too hard to modify our postings if we think about it. “Had the best time in Aspen, but glad to be home.” Maybe we can say, “My dog is adorable, but she doesn’t like her little hat.”

I’m not trying to be a downer, but I want everyone to stay safe and have a great holiday season. I’m not perfect, and have made these mistakes myself. I was never robbed, but I’m going to be more careful from now on too.

Please feel free to repost this and share it with your loved ones and friends.


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