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A working bachelor

I spent a major portion of my time finishing a book for a friend. I sent some remarks that might be helpful, and got a positive response back, i.e. we’re still friends. (It’s a great story.)

I looked at the answers to my blog question and everyone seemed to like the vignette posts. I took the time to make a new category called Short Stories & Vignettes. Then I added the category to three old posts. I also updated my “about me” page to explain the new category. It was time to shake things up around here. These will probably never outnumber the Muse posts, but I think they’re fun. I’m trying to work up some creepy Halloween shorts to post during October. They will go in the new category. (Covertly, I have a place to remind myself of my good ideas.)

After that, I started on a new story called The Playground. This one is about a creepy social network for kids. It’s going to be somewhere between science fiction and paranormal. I need some technology, and some boogie men both.

It’s easy to write while I have an outline. I haven’t outlined Act II yet. This story requires me to get a feel for the characters and let the plot free flow. When I finish Act I, I’ll probably come to a screeching halt. Today I managed 1592 words. This isn’t very good by my standards when I have an outline, but I only had a half day. Without an outline, I have a hard time managing 500. Maybe that will get the Muse off my back for a little while.

It feels good to be writing again, even if most of it turns out to be crap. That’s what rewrites are for.

Meanwhile my editing has been completely abandoned. The dwarves and centaurs are sitting around picking their noses. I may give them an hour of my time before bed. Maybe I can get through a chapter or two. I entered into a conversation with a cover artist, but we haven’t decided on anything yet. I’ll keep you posted on this.

Someone finally used Amazon Unlimited to download one of my books, (Arson). After I finished my happy dance, I said a little prayer that they will read 10% of it so I can see how the rest of the system works. Who am I kidding, I want them to read it all and enjoy it too. Thank you whoever you are. You’re about to learn how to start nefarious fires, and how Spanks underwear work. It’s a great combination; enjoy.

I think Amazon Unlimited is a great setup for voracious readers. At ten bucks per month you can download up to ten books per month. That’s a lot of reading if you choose 99¢ books. If you choose something from one of the big five, you might see savings on the first book. Best of all, the authors get paid. They just need to get off the stick and make it available internationally. People like Karen read and review a ton of books, it’s a benefit to Amazon to make it available to these international readers.

“Alright, get off your asses you dwarves. It’s time for some serious work.” Catch you bloggers later.


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