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Today’s word count = 0

I may dabble with a bit of micro-fiction after I post this. Today wasn't the productive day I had planned. There were a few commitments to some friends, and the old dog is fading. I spent some time just being his pal, like he has for me so many times.

Tomorrow isn't looking too good either. The mornings belong to my parents, and I won't sacrifice that. Weekends like this are why a bit of short form stuff is good for me. I get to keep writing, without having to worry about a giant character arc and three act structure. The format is just different, and I enjoy it as much as the long form.

We had date night tonight, finally. Two weeks ago I was sick, last week my wife went to Nevada. This weekend was our turn. It was nice to get away without dragging the kids along and just spend time together.

I may start drying out Tituba, the sourdough starter. I did less baking this winter than usual, but still made some fun things. My daughter isn't around much these days, and my wife is avoiding bread. Making loaves of fresh bread seems like a waste if I'm the only one eating it. I'll store Tituba in the refrigerator until it's time to wake her up next Fall.

Monday has something going for it. I'm off Monday, because it's a federal holiday. A quiet house may even let me work the next major arcana character into the Yak Guy Project. The next character is a few words away, but maybe I can get there.

We looked for tickets to see Deadpool, but they are sold out everywhere. If we get to go, it will be a different weekend. No big deal really, we still had date night.

Short post tonight. Maybe I'll have something to say before the weekend vanishes.


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This and That

I need to update this blog, and I skipped Wednesday. I can testify as to what happens to your stats if you dare to skip a regular day.

Last night was my critique group meeting. I fared fairly well, but have a couple of things to work on. That's why we go, right?

I've been waiting for the rest of my birthday gift to arrive, and it was delivered yesterday. My work day starts at 4:00 AM, then I had my meeting. I managed to scarf down a microwave burrito and opened the boxes. I had to go to bed so I could function today, but now it's the weekend.

My brown table doesn't show everything off well, but I'm pretty excited about it all. I only had a few seconds to mess with everything. I'm writing this post on my slick new keyboard, and I like it. I'll probably mess with it a bit more tonight after this goes live.

I'm kind of jazzed about trying out the new Apple Pencil. I may not share my stick drawings, but that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying myself.

I also took Tuesday night to wake up my sourdough starter. Tituba is ready to bake something this weekend.

I've been procrastinating about starting my next novel. I need to finish editing The Playground at the same time, buuut, now that I have my keyboard my last excuse disappeared.

I'm looking forward to some baking, a bit of reading I want to finish, repairs to my manuscript based upon critiques, and maybe a first chapter of my next project.

Sorry I changed up the schedule this week. Lisa enjoyed her fashion show, and things are back to normal at the writing cabin. (As normal as they ever get, that is.)


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Goodnight Tituba

It’s time to put my sourdough starter, Tituba, away for the summer. She performs pretty well in the summer months, but I don’t. There’s just too many other things to do. We made many loaves of bread together, but it’s time for her to sleep.

I dry her out and store her in the refrigerator.

Winter Housing

This is Tituba’s nice winter home. It stays on the counter all winter long.


Just lay down a little cellophane, pour a thin layer of starter on top and wait. In about three days it’s flint hard dry. Crumble it into tiny bits and put her into her summer home.

Summer housing

It may not look like much, but mummified Tituba is very happy here. Into the refrigerator she goes. See you next fall.


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