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2020 Fatigue

Honestly, today was a great day for writing. It was my flex day and I had the house all to myself.

Somewhere along the way it just didn’t work out. I have a million things on my mind, and none of them are good. Honestly, it was a better day for daydreaming about future projects.

Me, being me, I gritted my teeth and wrote anyway. I started off with a critique chapter for Lanternfish. I spent some time making changes, and have it in a presentable fashion right now.

Then I opened The Hat story and put down some new words. This part was all about a supporting character. It didn’t exactly flow, but the concept is solid.

The sad part is it only came to 1000 words. A whole day and I frittered most of it away.

This character is a fun one, but I still need to figure out how to tie his story to Lizzie’s finale. I also need him to walk into the next story in the series.

I have faith that I’ll figure it all out, but not this week.

2020 brought a lot to everyone’s table, so why should I be an exception. I have 1000 words I didn’t have yesterday, even if I probably have to edit half of them out.

Under the circumstances, I think I’ll take it.


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