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That was one weird night

Old What’s Her Face* and I went to The Maze Runner last night. She really liked it, I didn’t. Don’t get on me for not reading the book. I know the book’s always better.

Too much of it just didn’t make sense. The maze changes every night, but one kid can always find his way around with no problem. He even has a complete map. But it changes every night!!

Introduce a hot girl into a tribal group of boys and there isn’t a bit of sexual tension. That just isn’t realistic to me.

Then there’s the whole withholding of information trick. It’s a great suspense method. The sub rule is that character A has to have a reason to withhold information from character B. We spent the whole first half of the movie not telling the hero mundane things that strain my brain. Enough of that for now. Decide for yourselves. I think Mila Jovovich with some guns would have improved the film.

I wanted to be funny, so I plugged my iPhone in like I always do. Then I said “Hey Siri.” When she activated, I said, “Goodnight.” Siri wished me a goodnight. My wife wasn’t amused.

I heard some strange bird trilling all night long right outside my bedroom window. I suspected a Western Screech Owl. I ran from window to window, because I wanted to see it. They’re cute birds.

I never saw it, and it was up in my tree somewhere. It was night time, so this is no surprise. The odd part was others answering back around our neighborhood. I could hear them about a block or more away, in different directions. I know there were at least three. I think it’s all cool. I also like the spring frogs and occasional coyotes.

I went to sleep and Siri took her revenge. I dreamt that she kept telling me someone crawled through my bathroom window. I went back to sleep and she told me someone crawled through the bedroom window. I’ll get the last laugh and write this into a story someday. Thanks, Siri.

When I woke up this morning I googled sounds for the Western screech owl. I was right. You can check them out here. I have half a mind to stay up with my iPad and play the sounds in the back yard, just to see if I can get a look at him/her.

* Not my wife’s actual name.


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iOS H8te

Yeah, I wrote the title that way on purpose. It’s supposed to be clever.

Today’s post is intended to provide a place for iOS users to commiserate about the new operating system, and possibly offer some hints if you have any. Let’s hear them, God knows we need them.

I spent most of two nights ago watching my iPad and iPhone fail at getting the latest operating system. I wound up checking the internet for a solution. I had to hook up to the Mac (which also needed an update) and go through the iTunes store.

I finally got everything up and running, but my initial opinion is this iSucks. My photos are scattered from Hell to breakfast now, with no obvious way to change things around. They are organized by date, or location. Then there’s an option of seeing them pinned onto a map based on where the photo was taken or downloaded. That’s about as handy as a chapped ass. What if I want to organize by topic; cover art, sourdough photos, etc.?

Someone online suggested making folders and organizing things the way I like them. Great idea.

I grab artwork off the internet. Some of it gets pinned to my outlines, some of it becomes wallpaper on my phone that I change every day, then I delete it never to be used again. It varies from science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal, to quite a few pinups. (the painted kind, not the photo kind.) I made an artwork folder on my iPad and dragged everything into it. Everything is duplicated not moved. Delete one = delete both.

The sales pitch was that iCloud syncs everything up really well now. This morning I tried to change my phone background. No artwork folder, it’s only on the iPad. Looks like iCloud isn’t delivering on its promise.

I went to my RSS reader, Feeddler Pro. Every page I open crashes the app. I finally read a couple archaeology articles and two comics by telling it to open the pages in my Safari browser. I decided to look for an update to Feeddler. This was app of the year or something last year. The app store says it no longer exists – at all.

The app store found a little used app and said it has an upgrade available. What the iHell? I told it to upgrade. It said we can no longer find this app in the iTunes store. This is the same system that told me to upgrade the stupid thing. I tried it a day later and it upgraded. Color me iConfused.

The new iOS says I can send an audio text now. All I have to do is hold down the microphone icon and speak. I tried it out on my wife. I entered her contact information, and the microphone icon disappeared. Not an option. (We both have iPhones and upgraded software.) I tried the microphone icon on the keyboard. It produced a wonderful speech to text, but no audio text.

Worst of all is WordPress in the Safari Browser. I use the Reader to read all of your blogs. Keep in mind that I am frequently away from my computer, and I sleep sometimes too. When I wake up, I may have eight to ten hours of blogs to catch up on. Bedtime for me could be breakfast time for some of the blogs I read. (Ali in Ireland, Jo in South Africa, etc.) We aren’t all on Mountain Daylight time here.

When I open a post it always does so in a new page, and I like that. When I close that page now, my WordPress Reader is a sheet of grey. I have to hit refresh to get it back. That means I start at the top and read southward all over again. I have a temporary work around, in that if I’m really quick, I can open a post and immediately return to reader. I can’t read the post until later, so I open a few dozen posts and finish with Reader. I can read each post after that and close the page when I’m finished. Then I only have to croak and restart Reader once.

This gives me an idea. Sorry for the aside. Reader ought to have a filtering option. I could scroll through it and tag all the posts I want to read. Filter everything down and let me read the entire post in filtered view. Sorry, back to my tantrum…

I use Blogpad Pro for my posts. I really like it, but they posted two days ago that it has glitches with iOS 8. They expected an upgrade soon. I give them credit for warning me, and am certain they’ll do just what they said.

Apple always has an update out relatively soon after release. I really hope they address some of these issues. It sounds like the app store has some problems going on too.

On the plus side, if I connect my phone to power, I can say “Hey Siri” and ask her some useless question. Might be cool in the car, but it has to be connected to power. Yay, that works just as advertised. (worthless, but it works.)

How about you guys? Are any of you Apple users having any problems? Call them out in the comments, and offer solutions if you have any.

Update: I sent an email off to Feeddler. They have a Feeddler Pro 2 under consideration in the app store right now. This one should work with iOS 8. Nice folks, quick answer back for a $4 consumer.


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Sometimes, it’s the little things…

I moved on from editing Wild Concept, and started on Panama. I think WC is at a workable place right now. Panama is much easier to edit, because it was written later. I learned more, and made less mistakes. Hopefully, this means I won’t make any on my next project. (yeah right)

I sent a couple emails to potential cover artists. It’s the weekend, so I haven’t heard anything yet. I found another one online that looks interesting and will probably make contact this afternoon.

I need to move these projects forward, but Lorelei keeps telling me to start another story. Maybe she’ll leave me alone if I outline a part of it.

Things have changed since the great depression of the 2000s. I finally upgraded my ancient phone, and my wife bought me this cover:


Its a necronomicon from Army of Darkness. Now that I have Siri, I wonder if she can say, “clatu verata nicto”?

I may have been the first person on Twitter to make a Bill Buckner remark about the Red Sox obstruction call. I need to make one of those Larry the Cable Guy apologies. “Lord, I’m sorry for that Billy Buckner remark… mumble, mumble… and all the pigmies in Borneo. Amen.”

I traditionally cheer for the National League, so “Go Cards!”

Question for both (joke) of my followers. Is there a best and worst day to update a blog? I want to build this up, and am willing to hold drafts until Thursdays, for example? Let me know what you think.

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