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That was one weird night

Old What’s Her Face* and I went to The Maze Runner last night. She really liked it, I didn’t. Don’t get on me for not reading the book. I know the book’s always better.

Too much of it just didn’t make sense. The maze changes every night, but one kid can always find his way around with no problem. He even has a complete map. But it changes every night!!

Introduce a hot girl into a tribal group of boys and there isn’t a bit of sexual tension. That just isn’t realistic to me.

Then there’s the whole withholding of information trick. It’s a great suspense method. The sub rule is that character A has to have a reason to withhold information from character B. We spent the whole first half of the movie not telling the hero mundane things that strain my brain. Enough of that for now. Decide for yourselves. I think Mila Jovovich with some guns would have improved the film.

I wanted to be funny, so I plugged my iPhone in like I always do. Then I said “Hey Siri.” When she activated, I said, “Goodnight.” Siri wished me a goodnight. My wife wasn’t amused.

I heard some strange bird trilling all night long right outside my bedroom window. I suspected a Western Screech Owl. I ran from window to window, because I wanted to see it. They’re cute birds.

I never saw it, and it was up in my tree somewhere. It was night time, so this is no surprise. The odd part was others answering back around our neighborhood. I could hear them about a block or more away, in different directions. I know there were at least three. I think it’s all cool. I also like the spring frogs and occasional coyotes.

I went to sleep and Siri took her revenge. I dreamt that she kept telling me someone crawled through my bathroom window. I went back to sleep and she told me someone crawled through the bedroom window. I’ll get the last laugh and write this into a story someday. Thanks, Siri.

When I woke up this morning I googled sounds for the Western screech owl. I was right. You can check them out here. I have half a mind to stay up with my iPad and play the sounds in the back yard, just to see if I can get a look at him/her.

* Not my wife’s actual name.


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