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Goofing off, kind of

I never received back any of the final interviews this weekend. That means I didn’t schedule any new ones. I sent one out, but I’m three weeks ahead. There is no need to panic… yet. Sometimes authors drag their feet, and I understand. I’m pretty sure they will come in and get me through the month of June.

I didn’t do squat today. I watched Spider-Man Homecoming, because I hadn’t seen that one. I liked the message that Stark technology didn’t make Spider-Man. He had to be Spider-Man first. (No idea why Apple is forcing the hyphen in there, but don’t care enough to change it.)

Yesterday, while Dad and I were hanging out, I started some sourdough raising.

Today, Old What’s Her Face made some beans and meat. Dinner was a team affair, and it was awesome.

Homemade sourdough scones…

…led to homemade Indian Tacos.

They were stellar. There are a few scones left over to have one for breakfast, maybe with some honey butter. (Before anyone asks, these are American Indian tacos. Most county fairs out west have these.)

Back to work tomorrow, hope all of you enjoyed your weekends.


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Just an update

It's been a crazy week here at Entertaining Stories. There were guests, and fun things all around.

Lisa Burton Radio was a big hit. I have a couple more “shows” to schedule and post, several questionnaires out, and one in the stage where I need to put the shtick together and send it back to the author. I gave the broadcast its own category so the authors could find them easily if they wanted to use them for promotion of some kind. It also gives new victims friends somewhere to see what the posts look like.

I'd like to ultimately post these about twice per month. Right now it's going to be a little more frequent to help it get off the ground.

Old What's Her Face had to get her car serviced today. I met her at the dealership and we went to breakfast. I saw rooster pheasants everywhere along my drive, and I love spotting the local wildlife.

We went to Merrit's for breakfast. This place is a Boise institution, and in fifteen years of living here, we've never been. It seems like that's pretty common. When you live somewhere, you never take in the local things. This place is an absolute dump, but it's always packed. Think unfinished concrete floors and painted over bricks with tables that might have been there for fifty years. The food was outstanding. Their signature is scones, and we each had one. There are a lot of definitions of what a scone is, but out West it's a raised dough, stretched thin and fried. They're almost always served with honey butter, and these were no exception. (My belly is pretty happy.)

When the car was finished I routed back though the farm land, but the pheasants were gone.

No idea what I will work on today. I have critiques from the guys. They liked the section, but had some useful things to say. I dropped a bunch of bombshells in the first 3000 words; think hooks. This 3000 words is a little more getting grounded in the character and story. I think it paled compared to the first submission, but it almost has to.

I also have more “Radio” things to work on. I'll probably make a new page so authors can contact me if they want a character interview. Then I have those questionnaires to follow up on.

I roughed out a micro fiction in the evenings this week. It needs some work, but fever hallucinations made a good topic. (Or were they hallucinations.)

There are still some posts to pre-write for the release of The Playground. I haven't hit that too hard, because I'm still waiting to hear from the beta readers.

The Yak Guy project always needs attention, and I'll get a chance sometime later this weekend. I'm going to loaf around with a few of the small items today, and we'll probably still have date night somewhere.


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