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Just work

I’m a fairly regular blogger. People come here to learn something interesting, have a laugh, and hang out. There are times when there just isn’t anything all that fun to post about.

Part of being a writer involves a lot of things that aren’t research, or drafting new material. It still has to get done, and that’s what this weekend was all about for me. It isn’t all robot girls and talking yaks around here.

I wrote one more micro-fiction for my Macabre Macaroni event, then assembled and scheduled all five of them. To top it all off, I did an intro post for these stories and scheduled it too. (Six posts.)

I updated this site Friday night, and then there is this post. (Seven posts.)

I also wrote, assembled, and scheduled something for Story Empire on October 1st. (Eight posts.)

I already mentioned scheduling the interview for Thursday, and the idea that Lisa needs guests once more.

On top of that, I managed to write 5000 words of new fiction. I’m a little dubious about this one, because it’s something I’ve never tried before.

It was all work. It wasn’t sexy, but it needed to get done. I’ll probably spend a bit of time looking for some good wallpaper to lead into the next month.

I hope all of you were either productive or had a good time somewhere.


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Tallying up the weekend

It’s time to wrap things up. I count today as part of my weekend, because it’s my flex day. I tried to keep my task list small, but items that made the list are large.

Saturday was dedicated to Lisa Burton Radio. I managed to assemble and schedule two posts, which covers scheduling for a couple of weeks. I also wrote and sent out multiple shticks for future interviews. Two of those came back complete, and I could schedule ahead for a month now.

Thing is, I don’t have to. I have some other things to do. I noticed during all this scheduling that there have been 100 episodes of Lisa Burton Radio. That led to the post on Saturday night.

Sunday, I moved on to advance blog posts. If I save up some pennies, I want to get Yak Guy out the door before summer. I sketched out a pair of posts to take it on a blog tour, but I need about eight more. It counts as progress, so I’ll take it. Some of these are easier to write with a few distractions around, so I may get another one during the work week on an evening.

Today is calmer to a degree, so I opened my current project. My characters dug up a graveyard, bought a crappy ship, and left their original project behind. I introduced some minor characters who make up the crew. This is a giant change in their task, but it symbolizes them taking control. There is another huge change coming soon, and it will mark another point of no return.

I’m feeling the presence of the Research Sirens once more. There are terms and locations on a sailing vessel that need to be correct. This is where I could disappear for weeks, but I usually manage to get enough data to fake my way through it.

A background character spent a page to give us an idea of his makeup. (Former hangman.) The basic idea is that all of the crew members come from a place of loss and have a colorful history. I may have to make that point more bluntly.

Under different circumstances, I would make this a writing cabin post, and have the Sirens show up in pirate costume. I had so much to do, I just didn’t take the extra effort that would require.

Maybe if I get those advance blog posts written, I can dedicate some time to making these posts more fun. I enjoy the writing cabin posts, and need to get back to them.

It was a weekend. It was productive. I’ll take it. Back to the office tomorrow for me.


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Writing it all out

I admit to slacking recently. I never give myself strict dates when it comes to writing. This is a hobby, and being that regimented kind of ruins it. Hobby = fun. Work = not fun, but it pays better.

Still, writing it all down helps keep me focused. Here's an idea of what I want to accomplish before Fall.

  • Write 1.5 more short stories. I have half of one, and another idea to get to.
  • Write the promo article for the book of short stories.
  • Keep moving forward on outlining, and keep the Camp Research blog idea moving.
  • Actual research to fuel my outlines.
  • Edit The Playground. Whip it into beta reading shape.
  • Organize the short stories into book format.
  • Edit the short stories into shape for beta readers.
  • Beg for beta readers for the novel and the book of shorts. (When the time comes.)
  • Choose one outline to become my next novel. Write an absurd blog post about it.
  • Work on the winning outline, while saving the rest for later.
  • Various promotional things as they come up.

I've been trying to read more. This isn't a bad thing for writers. I've even been reading outside my genre, which I do on occasion. I look at this like an ongoing goal.


I also took on another beta reading project. I might be able to help someone, but I learn from the process too. As long as we all play nice, we both win.


It seems like a lot, but it isn't. I could finish the writing part on the short stories in two hard days. Organizing them could take some time. It's like putting the songs in order for a good concert. Thank God for copy and paste.


Editing will take some time, but my critique group is working through the early chapters of The Playground right now.


Research involves enough “stuff” to get the story moving. Additional research is always required after the draft starts. I hope to start my novel by Winter time.


How regimented are the rest of you writers? I don't have specific dates, and there will be more camping in my future too. The world won't end if I don't get everything finished on a tight schedule. (I'll bet I'm close though.) Do you make lists? Do you have a system to enforce your schedule? I won't even participate in nanowrimo, because I don't like the tight goals.


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