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Project Updates

This is my two day weekend, so I wasn’t overly productive. I really wanted to skip the whole darned thing and have a bit of fun. The checkbook said I had to be good, so I stayed home.

My reading was a total failure. I managed a bit on Wednesday, while my wife watched American Idol. I retreated to an empty room and started the next book in my six pack. It amazes me to see acclaimed authors get away with things my critique group won’t tolerate. The current tale starts with six chapters, introducing six characters. It gets boring waiting for the story to start. I’m a believer in the slow start, but jeez.

The Olympics are preventing most of my reading for the next few weeks. I figure they’ll end and the books will be waiting. Still, how about that Sage Kotsenburg? He’s even an Idaho kid.

One of the fellows from critique group asked to read The Cock of the South in its entirety. This means a lot to me, and I owe him for that. Thanks, Jim. I hope you enjoy it.

I managed to put 2596 new words on the page for Will ‘O the Wisp. This was over two writing spells. That’s low for me, but I’m in a transition in the book. My character, Patty, knows something’s after her. She knows what to beware of, and where to get more information. I’m dedicating a few paragraphs to pouting and worrying, then she needs to make a road trip.

I tried to avoid the writing cabin this weekend, because I’m making another edit on Lisa’s story, Wild Concept. If she see’s what I’m doing, she’ll bug the crap out of me.

I wrote Wild Concept over four years ago. It’s nice to see the progress I’ve made since then. There are plenty of filtering phrases to clean up. It’s a good story, and it will go on Amazon this year. I promised Lisa that much.

I managed an acceptable loaf of sourdough bread with a bit of whole wheat and rye. The house smells wonderful today.


I also decided my mental vacation has to go on my bucket list. (See my last blog post.) Someday, I want to cast net for shrimp and cook them on the beach. I have no idea where to go, or how to make it happen. (Or how to afford it.) My lovely female guide will probably have to remain a fantasy. I don’t think my wife would support that. Maybe we can find a swimsuit beach to enhance the scenery.



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