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My mind is stuck in a bad place

I was going to produce some more of my craziness tonight to talk about my writing. Maybe Lisa could have tea with the caveman character that mentor’s yak guy through part of his journey.

Something happened that keeps my mind focused on other things. Most of you seemed to like a post I wrote on December 12, 2015. This was a story about a guardian angel with a mild Christmas bent. You can review it here, if you’re so inclined.

Take a look at this diaper bag.


It looks to be in good repair, none of the stitching is loose. It looks like a brand new bag to me. Someone bought it in anticipation of a new baby. The police found it alongside the street in Twin Falls, Idaho, on December 31st. It contained a dead newborn girl.

You can read the news article here, if you like.

There have been many articles since, and I’ve been following them. So far, the police haven’t used the words “foul play.” I suppose it is possible that a stillborn baby was discarded by someone. I understand depression, anxiety, and other issues cause people to do strange things.

The city planned an elaborate funeral for the girl they named Angel Rose. A funeral provider is donating everything, including a headstone. They have been held up in their plans, because the body has not been released, and may not be released this month.

It sounds like there is suspicion here, and not talking about it is smart. I have no medical skills, but if she were a stillborn, I imagine they’d know by now.

I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea that I wrote about this subject before it happened. I can’t even use it as story fodder. (Okay, I could, but probably won’t. There are a lot of gifts given to the first baby born in the new year. Plus it lends itself to an imaginary friend kind of ghost story.) It weirds me out, but this isn’t really about me. Moving back on target.

The case led to more articles about Idaho’s Safe Haven law. This is a law that provides for someone to drop off an infant, less than 30 days old, at a number of safe locations – and no questions are asked.

The comments that go along with the Safe Haven articles really chap my behind. People dragged out their soapboxes and ranted about justifying this kind of behavior. They preached anti-abortion, planned parenthood, asked where the grandparents were, where the father was, and generally thought the Safe Haven law should be stricken from the books.

I never really talk politics here, because I like to hear different opinions. I’m a conservative, own guns and everything. I’m not completely in favor of abortions myself, but not completely against them either. Other blogs exist to handle political discussions.

What the commenters seem to be missing, is that this law isn’t about rewarding loose morals, or enabling people to pass their mistakes off on society. The law exists to protect the life of Angel Rose and those like her. No more- no less. Poor little Angel didn’t ask for any of this, and she didn’t have a choice in the matter.

I think the Safe Haven law serves a purpose. It’s a shame it isn’t widely known. Would knowledge of this law have made a difference in this instance? We hide it, because people fear another land grab by the welfare state. I think the law should have some kind of advertising campaign, or maybe get discussed in schools. I know it’s possible that Angel Rose’s mother never went to school, but you have to start somewhere.

People aren’t going start dropping newborns off by the hundreds. I think we need to be realistic about it, and let people know there is an option. Maybe that’s what I’ve just done.

I’m still a little freaked out about the whole deja vu thing. I hope someone didn’t get the idea from my story. She would have been 8.5 months pregnant when I published it.

I’ll try to come up with something fun by the next time you hear from me. I’ll straighten up and try to get back on topic around here.

Quick edit: If awareness is a good thing, maybe this post is worth sharing with your friends. Some motivated person might create a Safe Haven law, or place in a community that doesn’t have one.


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