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A short update

It’s been hot here in Idaho. Ungodly hot. The lawn is suffering, but my fruit trees seem to be loving it. At the office, the wildlife has all but disappeared.

This little beauty built a nest on the outside of my window, so she’s about all I have. She tends to back into her silky house during the heat, but runs around in the cooler hours of morning.

She’s on the outside of the building, so I’m not worried about her as I work.

Today marks the first day of vacation for me. I don’t know what I might wind up doing, but reading, movies, and writing are on my list. I really don’t have an agenda, but maybe Old What’s Her Face and I can do some things together. I’d still like to see the Stellar’s Sea Eagles at the zoo. I based the Omcrom off them in HMS Lanternfish, and it would just be cool to see them in person. If we go, I’ll snap a photo.

I managed to send a chapter to my critique partners this morning. I also added some new words, but don’t really have a target. If I decide to stop for the day and do something else, that’s fine.

Rumor has it that a couple of bulldogs need a bath, so that’s probably on my list this afternoon.

Mostly, it’s time for a change of pace and scenery. I don’t think I’ve taken more than a day or two off in over a year, and it’s overdue.


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Where in the World is C. S. Boyack

I did my presentation today, and it went over like gangbusters. The place I presented even filmed it so they could reference it.

My wife and I had to drive a long ways to get our room last night. We decided to make this weekend into a little getaway after my presentation. She started off a little grumpy, but is coming around.

She used such charmers as:


Shut up!

And my favorite, “Stop touching me.”

Today everything is rosy. I think all couples need to run away from time to time. We go an awesome little cabin for the next couple of days.

We’re enjoying the awesome weather and looking in all the trendy shops and galleries.

I told everyone where we were going a couple of weeks ago. For those of you who don’t know, would you care to make a guess?

I’ll try to update the blog, but that isn’t my agenda this weekend. I hope you all have great weekends too, I know we are.


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A little slacking off

I didn’t get a whole lot accomplished today. I started my day reading your blogs. Imagine my excitement to see Karen O.’s wonderful review of Will O’ the Wisp. I reblogged it, then became a sloth.

I read some of my short stories and improved the prose a little. I exchanged emails with a few people who offered to interview me on their blogs. Some things we have to keep up with.

I also booked my Will O’ the Wisp blog tour. It will begin in early April sometime. That means I have a bit more proofreading to do on the upcoming posts.

I should have written. I also should have pruned the one remaining tree that needs it. I just vegged out. I watched a few old episodes of The Twilight Zone. I’ll finish with a beer while catching up with The Walking Dead, and may read a bit before bedtime.

I suppose I accomplished some things, but it was just one of those days. Go ahead and shame me with all your accomplishments in the comments. Some days I need to step away from it all. Did anyone do something fun today?


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Saturday Update

I had today earmarked as a big writing day. My work week was exhausting, and I needed to make a choice. I’ve learned through bitter experience that a week of hell does not lead to creativity.

It’s important to push through when we write. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to go on, even after we’ve reached a great word count. I’ve done this many times with success.

I just can’t do it after the kind of week I had. This is the one situation where I need to take a little Craig time and do something else. Last night I watched a few more episodes of Twilight Zone before heading to bed. I never even did my usual Friday blog post. I had a rare Thursday post, so I figured I was good to go.

A large part of my morning was spent reading your blogs. I left a few calling cards and made a few comments. I even reblogged one post I thought was outstanding.

The bulk of the time was spent on an alpha/beta read for a friend. These are slow going, and should be. I need to make decent notes for her without turning it into a pleasure read. It’s tough with this story, because it’s good enough to make me want to keep reading.

I was surprised to find similarities in this book and my own work in progress. I hope I handle that situation as well as this author.

Old What’s Her Face* and I are going to dinner tonight. The reading project was a nice reboot, of sorts. It put me back in the mindset to get back to work on The Playground.

I have some obligations tomorrow, but I’m sure I can wrangle an hour or two of writing. I’ve done some research on NOLA using Google Earth and have settings for my mid game. I never intended to use the Marie Laveau cemetery, but it’s only a couple of blocks away from the other site. I need a cemetery, and there is no other logical choice. I hope it doesn’t come across as tropish to use this location.

So there you have it. I was a vegetable today. I didn’t even bake bread. I hope everyone else was more productive.

* Not my wife’s birth name


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