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Hello! Is this thing on?

It's kind of quiet out here in Blogland tonight. I assume many Americans are traveling ahead of the holiday weekend. That, or staking out their spot in line at Walmart for Black Friday.

We are going to St. George, Utah for Thanksgiving this year. In all the years we've been together, we've never gone to Thanksgiving with my wife's family. This is the year. Snow is predicted for our drive. If it's too bad we're going to skip it.

Whatever you guys have going on this weekend, I hope you're having fun. Old What's Her Face went to some Mocking Jay movie with her friend from work.

Tonight it's just me, a cup of tea, a good book, and the old pit bull. Awesome!


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Craig gives a big sigh

I never intended to post today. Thursday isn’t one of my usual days, and the blog stream is full of resolutions and hope. This post is mostly to help me focus on personal sanity.

My family arrived the Monday before Christmas. They decided to go back home yesterday, with a stop in Twin Falls to visit a friend. They arranged for a rental while here, and will be moving here very soon.

Last night was glorious. I bought my books, enjoyed my one drink, and read until I was ready for bed. It was peaceful, if not quiet. My wife had to watch the New Years programs which were filled with terrible live versions of music that was bad to begin with.

It’s all good to me. It was peaceful once again. This morning I read your blogs for hours and worked on the critiques I received from my group.

My wife cleaned house for a couple of hours. It’s amazing what company can do to a house in a matter of minutes. She put on some gigantic shrimp to marinade. Life is good.

The phone rang. The kids decided to come back. We had to buy more shrimp. We could have fried a chicken, or grilled some hot dogs, but we were stuck with our shrimp that have to be cooked.

The kids are here to arrange for utilities and other things that come with moving. I don’t blame them, and I understand they have to stay here. Still, the clean kitchen and counters ended thirty seconds after arrival.

My ears are about to burst with X-Box noise and squalling kids who can’t seem to make it do what they want.

I know more weekends are going to be trashed. They’ll need help moving, and they’ll have to I stay here until the essentials are set up. I may never get back to my current story. I’ve had company since October, and I thought this weekend would be the end. I may have to sell the Writing Cabin.

I have vacation time coming, and may have to use it for writing.

Therefore; Craig gives a big sigh. I can’t miss them if they don’t go away.


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